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April 22, 2022
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December 7th will be revenge in heavyweight between anthony joshua and andy ruiz. On the horse of the titles of wbo, ibf, wba and ibo. According to mexican, he knows that he will help him win in the response meeting. Read more in material.

Andy Ruiz knows that Joshua will prevent

Andy ruiz does not feel pressure, unlike joshua

The 30-year-old mexican athlete committed a real coup in the world of professional boxing, knocking out the invincible olympic champion anthony joshua. Before that, andy ruiz-jr. Did not differ in great success. For his career, he once fought for the basic wbo belt, but in the end he gave way to joseph parquer.

He was able to fulfill his dream of becoming the first mexican heavyweight champion-heavyweight, after becoming a boxer for a replacement after doping scandal with dillian white. And ruis did not miss his chance, having completed the main apenet of 2019 according to the ring version. But before the response meeting, andy does not worry.

In a separate article, we talked about what was the cause of the victory of ruis in the first battle, according to his own version.

According to the famous boxingscene portal, mexican perfectly understands its advantages. First, during andy’s training camp, he paid serious attention to his form and got rid of excess weight. He, of course, did not become the selection of greek apollo, but the changes are quite significant. Secondly, ruiz believes on his side – no press.

The fact is that now in anthony joshua is tremendous pressure. He understands that if the revenge will lose, then depart from the list of the best boxers of the division. In turn, andy rus has already fulfilled his task. He mined titles, and he is not waiting for the reign. However, mexican himself does not deny that he would like to leave a long heritage in history.

At the same time, wbc champion deontte wilder does not doubt the victory of mexican. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

At the same time, mexican realizes that this time it will be more difficult, but it will show all his best skills.

Earlier, we wrote that joshua called ruis the best boxer in the world.

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