Anna Semenovich About His Past In Figure Skating: “Mom Insisted On Sports”

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July 29, 2022
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In the past, anna semenovich was a famous figure skater in ice dancing, now she is a popular singer and tv presenter. In a recent interview with vasily konov, she said, who insisted at her exercise sports and whether she regrets his career.

Anna Semenovich About His Past in Figure Skating:'Mom insisted on sports'

Photo source: lilia charlovskaya / mk.Ru

Semenovich’s career influenced the injury, but she doesn’t regret anything

For most residents of russia and cis countries, anna semenovich is known primarily as a singer from the group «brilliant». At one time, this musical team was one of the most popular. Subsequently, anya took up a solo career, took part in various tv shows, was leading and starred in films.

But there was a period in the life of the singer, when sheriouusly engaged in curly skating and did it quite successfully. A number of experts called semenovich – kostomarov one of the strongest in ice dancing. Now, when figure skating thanks to the successes of the famous figure skaters of russia is gaining great popularity, the past semenovich again became interested in many fans.

So, in an interview well-known journalist vasily konov, she told about who at one time insisted on her sporting activity and whether she regretted her career in sports. Tie with ane’s figure had to be due to a meniscus at the age of 21. After her, she returned to russia from the usa, where he trained for a long time, and began his way in show business. According to semenovich, she does not regret anything and i am glad that everything happened as it is. She admits that since childhood he dreamed of singing, but mom insisted in sports.

«Mom is a very strict woman, she is like natalia vladimirovna linichuk (former trainer semenovich) – you will not argue with her, you can get in the forehead», – recognized singer.

Anna Semenovich

Source: instagram.Com / ann_semenovich

In an interview, semenovich said that if it was returned to the past and put before choosing – olympic medal in figure skating vs career singer, then she would choose the second. Also, according to ani, whe was going to finish their career and left to treat his injury, she was offareed to stay and play for the prefabricated england and the usa, but she refused.

«I decided that i stay here in russia, and at all i do not want to link my life with figure skating», – semenovich signed.

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