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March 11, 2022
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Blizzard developed announced a new addition to the game hearthstone called «savior ulduma».

Announced Supplement for Hearthstone: Details

The developer reports that 135 new cards will appear in the addition «kara» and property «rebound».

It is planned that a new addition will continue to continue the storyline of the year of the dragon. According to preliminary data, adventure for one user will be issued in september of the current year.

The plot addition tells about the the fact that in the sandy deserts ultrauma is gaining the power of evile, to resist who can only league researchers. Players can join elise, renault, branna and sir finley. The team in search of treasures fights the villains and is habitually saves the world with new features of additions for hearthstone – «savior ulduma».

It is planned that on august 6 a release will be held, and in the meantime, users can make pre-order.

Recall that a closed presentation of the game diablo 4 was held. The blizzard developer will not soon please the players of the novelty.

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