Another American Staff Joined The Discussion About The Legalization Of Betting

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January 14, 2022
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Louisiana may soon legalize sports betting. Governor of state john bell edwards spoke in support of legalization, adding that the income from sports rates will be used to finance pre-school education.

Another American staff joined the discussion about the legalization of betting

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Speaking at the meeting of the press club baton rouge, edwards said that the state needs to legalize sports betting, following the example of mississippi. He argues that the legalization of betting will allow maintaining a gambling market at a decent competitive level. In addition, the governor fears that even if the state does not legalize the betting, residents will still play, only in mississippi establishments.

In august last year, sports rates were legalized in mississippi. Thus, mississippi became one of the first states, approved gambling activities after removing the ban on betting by the us supreme court. The inhabitants of arkansas also voted for the legalization of sports rates in november 2018.

Even after the legislative consolidation of legal status of betting on the sport may occur. This is due to the fact that after the adoption of the law he must sign him. Then each individual arrival of louisiana by direct will determine whether activities in districts will be allowed.

During a press conference, the governor said that it would be that all income from sports betting would be sent to pre-school education. He believes that the concern for such an early formation of americans will reduce the gap in the performance of representatives of various social classes.

Despite the wishes of the governor about the distribution of income from sports betting, not all adhere to this position. Chairman of the council for the gambling business of louisiana ronnie jones considers the necessary part of the funds to allocate to combat gambling addiction.

Louisiana lawmakers are currently conducted by the industry. Any bills on this issue will not be submitted until this study is completed. It is possible that the legalization process will delay until next year.

Recall that the decision on the construction of the resort casino in dunville will be accepted on the referendum.

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