Another Deception “Cashbury”: Depositors Did Not Receive Their Money

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January 27, 2023
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Depositors of the financial company «cashbury», which suddenly ceased to exist on november 1, did not wait for the return of their money scheduled for december 1, 2018, as the head of arthur vardanyan promised.

Another Deception'Cashbury': Depositors did not receive their money
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Depositors reaction

The contributors themselves explained that at the entrance to their personal account, information appeared than the payments are postponed again. This time – until decept 16. However, customers of the closed company still do not lose hope of returning money. They put on the output of funds and are waiting for transfer to their accounts.

Many investors took large loans in the hope of getting rich with «cashbury» and pay off debts. After the news about the liquidation of the company, the began to create chats of mutual assistance to each other. Some still desperately and believe that payments can not be expected. The total debt of the company in front of investors is 3 billion rubles.

Comments expert

Experts are confident that no one will receive his money at this date. In their opinion, the company is simply beneficial to the maximum time and feed depositors with regular promises. They believe that «cashbury» there are no assets you could pay with your customers, and no one is going to do this.

At the same time, in their opinion, depositors need to go to court. However, even in case of a positive decision, it will be difficult to return its money.

Investment strategist «bks prime» alexander bakhtin believees that payments will not take place. He noted that «cashbury» has all the signs of a typical financial pyramid, in which payments to one depositors were carried out at the expense of other money. All this, in his opinion, was done in order to earn the confidence of people.

General director of financial market «unice.24» yuri kudryakov agrees from this point of view. According to him, tens of thousands of people became victims of the company. The expert added that customers «cashbury» are people with a low level of financial literacy that could not estimate the ratio of profitability and risk.

Indition, the expert warned citizens about the danger of investing money into such organizations and recalled the situation with mmm.

Recall: in mid-november, two company websites «cashbury» were blocked by roskomnadzor by decision of the pervomaisky district court of rostov-on-don.

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