Another Latvian Region Wants To Get Rid Of Gambling Objects

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April 26, 2022
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It became known that in the center of the latvian salaspils, four gambling facilities adjacent to apartment building houses. The regional duma decided on the inadmissibility of such a situation.

Another Latvian Region Wants To Get Rid Of Gambling Objects

In the past 10 years, salaspilskaya duma conducted consistent policies against gambling business – during this period, no new gambling license was issued. Last week, to the local authorities again turned in an attempt to obtain permission to open the hall of slot machines in salaspils.

According to the head of the department of social relations of the salaspils regional duma, lolita balzerbule, four gambling facilities have been operating in the district for more than 10 years. All of them are localized at a short distance from each other in the area of ​​apartment buildings.

The existence of gambling halls is currently in principle. Residents of the region believe that in the city center there is a need to place facilities that provide services, relevant to families with children. Duma supports such an opinion, taking into account territorial arrangement.

Raymond chududs, chairman of the regional duma, said it is worth considering the possibilities of restrictions on the possibilities of gambling facilities, based on territory planning. According to the official, gambling facilities may be simply transferred to less densely populated parts of the region.

Politician also added that in the near future the authorities are planning to consider a complete ban on the activities of gambling operators. In addition, public discussions will be held. Chudsz called latvians to show activity in this issue.

Deputies of the daugavpils city duma have already voted for banning the work of gambling halls on the territory of government. Metropolitan self-government also supported a universal mood and forbade the halls of slot machines outside the territory of highlighted comfort.

Recall that since the beginning of the year, a self-slip program will be launched, which will allow latvians to limit themselves from participation in gambling entertainment.

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