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February 2, 2022
5 minutes

Yesterday’s duel psg – «manchester united» caused the crazy activity of football fans in social networks. Some congratulated sulcher with a historic victory, others regret psg. But the main subject of the dispute was still one – whether a penalty was at the end of the meeting, we deal with the repetition and rules.

Another Scandal In The Champions League: Var and Manchester United
Content: 1. Psg – «manchester united»: was a penalty, or var all again filled?2. All complexity lies in the interpretation of the moment

90th minutes of the meeting, which happens on the field hints on the fact that «manu united» wins the match in paris with a minimum score 1: 2. This outcome is quitte satisfied with both teams: psg goes on, and «manu united» with the neosticular composition, it will adequate from 1/8 and concentrate on the submarine. Truly against such a situation was only one thing – good luck and she turned to the guests on this evening.

Diogu daughted at the last minte of the main time decided on bowo from miscend. At first, everything seems quite ordinary, and everyone is waiting for one of the last corners in this match (be the first corner in the duel). I do not agree with the decision of the deferee, the performer of a long-distance strike, which was reign by the judge that the ball got into the hand.

The arbitrator, having received a hint from the assistants that the fact of entering the hand took place, took a pause and decided to personally revise the repeat. About a minute later, he decides on the appointment of a penalty, which eventually implements marcus roshford. 13 – and «manchester united» passes in 1/4 finals.

Detailed analysis of the meeting of psg with mj can be read by reference.

Psg – «manchester united»: was a penalty, or var all again filled?

Here, the opinions of football fans, of course, diverge. On the video protector, it is clearly seen that the ball got into the hand of presnel kimplaybe. And at least with this moment almost no one argues. Inddition, probably, the player of psg neymar, wh considered that the ball pleased the deferder in his back, as he told in his instagram.


However, it is not. The ball, without a doubt, got into his hand, you can make sura that you have revised the video again and looking at another stop frame.

Pic.Twitter.Com / yo18hyryh0

— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
march 6, 2019.

Ball in hand

Looks AT The Ball

You can also immediately close the question, whether it was hit in a penalty area or beyond.

Ball in Square

All complexity lies in the interpretation of the moment

Opponents of the appointment of a penalty claim that the player played unsightedly. Moreover, kimmbebe did not have the opportinity to avoid hit, as it was turned back. At the same time, supporters of innocence refer to the fifa rule, which says: «hand game meals intentional player action touching ball brush hands or hand».

Further, the rule states that when solving the judge shld pay attention to the distance towards the ball.

However, in this case, the fans are slightly sy. On the repeat it can be seen that at the moment the defender has seen, and therefore it did not become a surprise for him. Moreover, the player could press his hand to himself or remove behind his back. In the latest changes in the football rules, a more exampled interpretation of the game hand appeared.

Now the intention is not always the key point, it is very important to understand how affected its presence on the episode and the so-called increase in body square. As a result, it turns out that in all respects the violation was:

  • The ball in the hand fell;
  • The defender saw the episode;
  • There was no attempt to remove the hand;
  • The position of the hand is unnatural;
  • The hand increased the body area and prevented a dangerous episode.

The moment, of course, is incredibly sad for the fans of themselves, who already sevently in a row can not step over the permanent stage of the 1/8 finals of the lch. And while alone players like lukaki, calm the football players of psg, others celebrated the victory of their club. For example, jesse lingard, wh could not help his team because of injury, did not hide emotions after roshford goal.

Love it lads, absolutely love it ️️️️️️️️️️ ️ believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ???????????????????????????????? United mentality ???????????????????????????????????????? Gassed ???????????? Pic.Twitter.Com / 7jwyofmdoo

— jesse lingard (@jesselingard)
march 7, 2019.

In turn, nymar’s face perfectly describes the feelings of players of the paris club.

Neymar’s face when marcus rashford smashed in that late penalty ???????????? Pic.Twitter.Com / 3hnilqorsc

— talksport (@talksport)
march 6, 2019.

The tukhel team was very good, but it is impossible to win w when luck is not on your side. The players should have implemented the moments that the a appeared during the match.

Mj under the leadership of sulcher contines to surprise. We suggest remember how they knocked «chelsea» from drawing a cup england. You can read here.

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