Another Trauma Messi: It Agrees, And It Is Worth A Recognition

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April 7, 2022
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Only lionel messi heal the knee injury and began to return to the game «barcelona», how hip injury forced ernesto valverde to reinforce and replace the argentine in the break. Increased injuries of the player may be associated with age. Read more in material.

Another Trauma Messi: It Agrees, And IT IS Worth A Recognition

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Messi genial game, and he himself is a genius, but everything comes to an end

Leo received a prize to the best player in the world according to fifa. This decision caused a contradictory response from football lovers worldwide. Of course, argentine is one of the best and talented athletes who has a crazy influence on the game of his team. «Barcelona» without lionel messi, it it even difficult to imagine, so long and non-alternatively, this striker rules. But this board led only to victory in the spanish championship. Insufficient argument to conquer the award better in the world.

Read more about how the awards ceremony passed, you can read in our material.

Yes, messi – genius, and it is difficult to argue with this, but he is already 32 years old, his era comes to an end. He still has a huge impact on «bars», and without him game «catalonians» loses sharpness. Moreover, without messi as part of the current «barcelona» just not afraid. Hence the defeat from «granada» and bodani s «valencia» in la liga.

And leo in the 2019/2020 season missed most matches. In total due to knee injury, he was absent 42 days. This is the longest recovery after the 2015/2016 season, when he also had problems with the knee (fissure of a ligament). Now in the game against «villarreala» argentine was replaced again, after he felt discomfort in the thigh.

Of course, the coach hurried to assure that there is nothing serious and this is mini-damage to the leading muscle. This has already happy to leo in the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 seasons 2016/2017. In general, for the whole career messi was rarely seriously injured. This is one of the reasons that, according to experts, allowed him to maintain this level on the field until this age.


But it is he who gradually and removes the plane from argentina «aloplates». Leo is no longer so fast, leo is increasingly becoming inclined to injury, and it will inevitably be exacerbated. Even in the match «villarreala» it was seen argentine tred to act carefully, remembering the recent damage, and in the classic style and screded in the classic style and screwed four – instantly got my legs and was replaced.

Messi agitates, like ronaldo – this is the truth that the fans must be taken. Their era passes and replace new heroes come out. And leo should think about the offer of beckham, the experience of ibrahimovich shows that mls can be played up to 38 years.

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