Anthony Joshua Called Ruisa Best Boxer In The World

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April 21, 2022
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Before the revenge between anthony joshua and andy rus left a little more thanks weeks, and boxers begin to warm up the public in front of their battle. But instead of the expected trashtock, the briton called his rival the best in the world, however, he did not stop at praise. Read more in material.

Anthony Joshua Called Ruisa Best Boxer in the World

Ruiz turned out to be the best in the world

In an interview with the british tv channel sky sports, the former heavyweight champion anthony joshua shared his configuration and the forecast for the upcoming revenge. In june, aidges, in the hands of which there were three main belts of the division – ibf, wba, wb, – suddenly lost to mexican andy riesu. All horror for the fans of the opponent was just a boxer for replacement, but eventually sent a pet from a foggy albion to knockout.

An invincible wbc champion in the heavyweight weight deonta wilder believees that ruiz is worthy of victory more than joshua. More information about this in our special article.

«The main estimate of the year», how did this fight named the ring magazine, was obliged to have a continuation. After a series of rumors about doping joshua, health problems and other passions lay down and everyone concentrated only in a response meeting. Now anthony said that he was miserable a copy of himself in that meeting, he did not have motivation, but now everything will be different.

At the same time, aidges first called his opponent in the face of andy ruiz «the best boxer in the world at the moment». But don’t succeed to be able to make it possible, because after that the englishman added that he will beat him and prove his greatness. And finishes the phrase olympic champion 2012 passage, which makes you think about the level of sense of own importance of the boxer: «i want everyone to bother in front of me and recognized my greatness».

Maybe so on the athlete influenced the meeting with another «special» sports figure, jose mourinho, who never suffered from excessively modesty. Video of their meetings can be viewed on the sky sports page in «twitter».

In any case, loud statements – this is the familiar piece of the boxing show, but they matter only when confirmed by real victories. Andy rus so simply will not give his belt back joshua, so in december, all fans expect, perhaps the most interesting battle of this year.

We advise you to read our material about why the location of the fight caused a wide resonance and discontent among fans.

Earlier we wrote that during the revenge of ruis with joshua everything will be different.

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