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June 20, 2022
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Wba, wbo and ibf surface gauze wrouders, anthony joshua compared his career with a career of another famous briton, tyson fury. Read more in material.

Anthony Joshua Compared His Career With Tyson Fury

Joshua said fury had only two serious battle in his career

Despite the fact that the potential meeting of fury with joshua is stll an indefinite amount of time, both athletes gradually prepare fans for this meeting. It not surprising, because, according to media information, both athletes have already signed agreements on joint battles, or rather – at least two meetings in the future. But this is all preliminarily, after all, fury, and joshua still expect meetings will have to meet with cubert polev, and «gypsy king» finish trilgy with deontey wilder.

In addition, both fighters still lies with the obligation to protect the belts in battles with other athletes. So, joshua will deal with the claims to meet with alexander stunchik on the wbo branch, and fury will need to protect the belt with the applicant from wbc. This conterder may well be alexander povetkin if he defeats the revenge with white. Read more about chances «russian vitya» we we wrote to the victory in a separate material.

In a recent comments for sky sports, which works closely with matchroom boxing (promoter enhoni), joshua compared careers: his and fury. He recalled that tyson began his way on professional ring much earlier than he himself. According to him, this happened in 2008, when the first aj had passed in lovers. At the same time, fury of the older compatriot is less than two years.

Tyson Fury

According to anthony, when he moved to professionals, she did not expect to achieve the level of fury, who had more experience in professionals. But now the have have two all the main weights of heavy weight.

«He became a professional in 2008. This year when i had my first amateur fight! I never thought i could catch up fury», – approves joshua in the comments sky sports.

Anthony Joshua

According to joshua, the thing is that he has progressed very quickly and fury – no. Moreover, anthony still cricicized his compatriot, stating that the latter had only two good victories – over vladimir klitschko and deontey wilder. For a long professional career, aidges would like to see more serious meetings from his opponent.

And you agree with joshua’s opinion? Write your answer in the comments.

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