Anthony Joshua Hopes For The Help Of Vladimir Klitschko

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July 21, 2022
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Fight between anthony joshua and tyson fury is becoming more and more real. Recently, aidges admitted whom the great boxers want to bring to prepare for his main battle in his career. Read more in the main sports of the day sports.

Anthony Joshua Hopes for the Help of Vladimir Klitschko

Klitschko and joshua are now friends

British boxer anthony joshua literally became the man who completed the successful career of vladimir klitschko. Ukrainian had good chances to return to the top of the boxing olymps after the defeat from tyson fury. In battle with agee, he was close to send an opponent to knockout, but instead he himself missed the hard uppercot in the eleventh round, after which he could not continue. Photo of this strike scattered through the world media, and the fight itself, according to many authoritative publications, was recognized by the fight of the year.

Klitschko and Joshua are now friends

Despite the defeat, klitschko and joshua became friends. Unlike fury, the attitude to which vladimir has so far remains negative. Anthony always led themselves at a sports and a gentleman with a ukrainian, and he answered by reciprocity. After that, klitschko helped the briton to prepare for battle with alexander povetkin and gave valuable advice before his meeting with kubrat polev.

In a recent comments, pep talk uk joshua spoke about the boxers, which he is going to attract to training before the upcoming meeting with tyson fury. Among them were named vladimir klitschko.

«…And vladimir klitschko, he is always happy», – said joshua.

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According to anthony, good boxers must surround themselves with other good boxers.

«Footballers must be near football players, boxers must be near the boxers. Lions remain with lions, lions – not with sheep, not?…I had george foreman, evander holyfield, roberto durant, tommy hearns, shugar ray leonard», – the current ibf, wba, wba champion in heavy weight expressed his thoughts.

Good boxers must surround themselves with other good boxers

But klitschko is not the only person who wants to attract joshua to his preparatory camp. Anthony also wants to get floyd maevezer. In an interview, he calls american «great» and says that 100% confident need to attract an invincible champion. Floyd did not once expressed his positive attitude and admiration for joshua himself, so anthony would not have any problems in order to persuade floyd.

Vladimir Klichko

It is worth noting that vladimir klitschko continues to workout and is in excellent shape. Recently, he helped to prepare to return to ring evander holyfield. Because of the form of ukrainian, rumors regularly appear about his return to the ring, but the boxer himself denies them. Floyd also never ceases to train and even goes into the ring to partipate in the exhibition fights. It is also interesting that maewer and klitschko this year were both included in the international boxing hall.

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