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April 22, 2022
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Project of gambling zone «amber» it was called complicated. According to anton alikhanov, the governor of the kaliningrad region, it is absolutely successful cannot be considered. Information was transferred «ria news».

Anton Alikhanov called the gambling zone 'Amber' complex

The head of the region also shared the details of the development of gambling business in a special zone and added that the company that initially took up work, stopped activities, and the rights were reordered. According to the investment contract, more than 3 billion rubles were invested in irs.

At the same time, alikhanov noted that rental payments for five years brought about 80 million rubles, and since taxes grow – a solid increase in income, expressed in the amount of 100 million rubles.

We remind you that the activity related to gambling business is permitted only in special gambling zones. The first object irkz «amber» the magic crystal gambling establishment has opened its doors to visitors in april 2016.

Alikhanov also adds that the investment contract, which was concluded in order to further master the territory of the gaming zone, is currently terminated. The head of the region explains that this happened due to the fact that the company does not have time to fulfill its investment obligations on time, and the territory of the object itself – extensive.

At the same time, alikhanov notes that the authorities are ready for new achievements and now form a final offer for business structures. The governor focused on the fact that in the fields are ready to work with different companies, including those who intend to work out the accompanying infrastructure, and, of course, with gambling operators.

Recall that in «amber» the hall of slot machines will be increased. Extension will occur thanks to the construction of a three-story extension.

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