Apollo Games Will Be A Member Of Ice Africa

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April 8, 2022
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According to the organizers of the ivent, apollo games will be a member of ice africa, which will be held on october 2-3 in the exhibition complex in sandton, south africa.

Apollo Games will be a member of Ice Africa

Thus, the czech company supports plans to expand activities throughout the continent.

Apollo games produces innovative geyming solutions for the ground and online sector. Upcoming participation – debut of the developer at panfrean b2b-gaming iven. As reported in the company, ice africa – this is an opportunity to expand the presence in the continent, in addition to kenya, uganda, liberia, the republic of congo, tanzania, cameroon, nigeria, ghana and rwanda.

«In addition to key european markets, prolonged development in the african market – another step towards the formation of a first-class company with world coverage. Our goal – increase awareness of your presence in africa and attract new operators and potential customers. We know the specific trends and differences that exist among african countries, and are ready to provide the best solutions for each jurisdiction as now and in the future. South africa – our main goal, and we hope that for our business it will be the next big step forward. We are our huge potential for expansion and positive feedback from guests and customers who visited last year ice africa indicates that the event will help us to establish powerful connections with new customers in new territories», – moraal yindriska moravitzova, executive director apollo games.

As part of ice africa 2019, where the tvbet product portfolio will also be presented, a conference will be held in two direction in wilh more than 60 experts and leaders of opinions will take part, and more than 70 leading innovators of the international industry will be held in the exhibition zone. The studying program rich in content was created to stimulate the social and responsible development of gemina in africa.

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