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September 14, 2022
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Us district court in the northern county of california received a corporation with respect to apple corporation. It states that the company has provided financial benefits from illregal gambling in the app store.

The document claims that applications for social casinos are "extremesely profitable and cause severe addiction", since users can purchase virtual chips in special gambling applications for real money. However, according to sources, the means won in machine guns cannot be displayed or account – they can only be used to continue the game.

This circumstance, if you believe insaydam, allows the company to receive up to 30% of the total transaction within such applications, including the percentage with the purchase of chip players for real money. The lawsuit says that social casinos and apple cooperate for a long time, so the were able to agree in mutually beneficial terms.

Indition, the applicant focuses on the promotion of the corporation in distributioning and promoting such applications. Also, the company has opened up the user database developers who play and make payments. For this, apple charges additional funds from operators.

The lawsuit indicates that throughout 2020 users sport on the purchase of virtual chips in the social casino platform app store at least 6 billion us dollars.

The application was submitted to the court two citizens of the state – donald nelson and shary bibs. Each of them, in their words, sport at least 15,000 dollars on such entertainment. Thely intend to achieve recognition of the illegality of apple’s actions, as well as the payment of impressive compensation, equal to the amount of losessible persons for violating local gambling legislation.

Recall, playtech can sell its financial unit for $ 200 million.

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