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February 16, 2022
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Casinos Austria Has Changed The Composition Of The Supervisory Board

At the annual general meeting of the supervisory board of casinos austria ag, new managers were appointed to the supervisory board. Wolfgang hesun, the leading austrian manager, became the new chairman of the supervisory board. Currently, his only depeuty is the general director of sazka group robert chvaltal, who headed the board of directors after the departure of walter rotentenstener.

Director of öbag and the former director general of pwc christine kataba and the compliance expert and the protection of eric stark-rittenauer’s players were adopted in the supervisory board. Herchond hofer and thomas polyman leave the committee.

"I am glad that we managed to attract the chairman of the supervisory board of the experienced top manager and this man is wolfgang hesun. Our current personnel decisions show that after a difficult period we enter into a new chapter for the company in which the board, employees, the supervisory board and the owners work together to create a positive future for the company ",

– noted by the member of the board of öbag thomas schmid.

The basis for changes in the composition of the board of directors is the sazka group (majority owner) and the state holding company öbag. This contract was recently approved by the eu competition commission.

"The syndicate contract between the two main owners of peacefully regulates the strategic development and alignment of the corporate group. Our common vision and long-term strategy ensure the stability in which the company needs. This is especially important in the current complicated situation, as well as taking into account the tasks facing the corporate group in the near future. In particular, the two main owners will make a significant contribution to strengths of new online services, as well as promoting the acutely necessary struggle willy

Protection of players and responsible attitude towards gambling have always been a central issue in casinos austria / österreichische lotterien group. In the future, the supervisory board will have a tangible support of the company’s efforts in this important area.

"Casino and lottery are largely social responsibility in the game sector. As the main shareholder of öbag is of particular interest. Together with erica stark-rittenauer, we, members of the supervisory board, can make a valuable contribution in this regard ",

– commented on schmid, talking about the future.

Refit restructuring program report was discussed in detail at the meeting. After intensive negotiations in a: solution package was compiled, and most of it was already implemented. These far-reaching measures will save 50 million euros in the long run and reduce the number of employees by about 500 fte units throughout the group.

Positively announced the fact that almost a complete reduction of personnel was conducted in the form of peace negotiations and was accompanied by relevant social plans, new collective agreements and company agreements. This has become possible, because tens of millions were sport on the development of. Deep internal restructuring increased the effectiveness of the processes and allowed to focus on new tasks, which created the basis for long-term security of the corporate group.

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