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April 18, 2022
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Central bank argentina approved new limits for various types of credit card operations. Including a limit of $ 50 for gembling operations carried out from abroad.

Argentines Limited Permissible Spending ON Gambling

The changes were made public on october 31 and entered into force on the first day of the current month.

In addition, new rules suggest a similar amount of restrictions to transfer funds for payment services, such as paypal, as well as investment accounts.

Purchase cryptocurrency also fell under the new requiements of the central bank.

It is planned that the measure will allow to slow down the outflow of monetary reserves of the central bank and prevent the further devaluation of the argentine peso. Concerns were caused by an unstable situation against the background of elections.

October 27, it became known that in the pesidential election alberto fernandez was ahead of maurisio makri and will take the post of head of state.

After promulgation of the results of the people’s willing of peso began to fall in price. Devaluation extremely negatively affected the key markets for argentina.

Recall that decree on the legalization of gembling operations on the network came into force in buenos aires.

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