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July 6, 2022
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Arizona is preparing to launch sport rates by September

Legislative base for sports rates in arizona is ready, and the staff begins to submit a license application for operators.

The final rules for sports rates in arizona are now available on the website of the gaming department.

Press secretary max hartgrayvs said that fantasy-sport will be launched first, and players who make rates will be able to start participating in it on august 28. However, the main intention is to prepare licenses before the regular nfl season.

Hartgrayvs said:

"These are our planned fantasy fantasy classes. And september 9 – this is our planned date of the beginning of the wage of rates for events. So pretty soon residents of arizona will be able to bet on these two types of games ".

The ten-day application process began on july 26. An additional five-day examination period was added to determine which candidates are entitled to receive a license.

Operators of online sports betting, which received a license will be allowed to start selling their product in the state by august 30.

According to the authorities, the live broadcast will be held on september 8, the day before the opening of the nfl season.

Professional sports teams and tribal casinos will have to make $ 750,000 for registration to receive a state license for the bookmaker office, and $ 150,000 per year to maintain its action.

Source: focus gaming news

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