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April 12, 2022
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Arnold Rothstein: Bribes and Gambling

In the twntieth century, the casino has become one of the main sources of income for intruders. Many gangsters such a business faced the soul, because themselves often did rates. Arnold rothstein one of the first among mafiosi began to invest in gambling, thanks to which the gang of hooligans turned into an organized syndicate. For this contribution gangster got the nickname "brain".

Name arnold rothstein
nickname brain
date of birth january 17, 1882
place of birth new york, usa
date of death november 6, 1928
a place of death new york, usa


Unlike most other gangsters, arnold was born in a wealthy family: his father, abraham rothstein, was a successful businessman. In cellhood, the future gangster was well versed in mathematics, but other school subjects did not particularly interest him. Senior brother, harry, on the contrary, could boast of high estimates.

Arnold was a difficult child. He always wanted to be the center of attention, but the elder brother constantly dragged the blanket for himself. Envy negatively affected school academic performance, and family relationships were soon issued by gambling entertainment. Father often scolded arnold for rates. The young man, because of this, more and more often played in the bone and eventually did not finish school.

"I always played. I can’t remember when i did not do it, "arnold rotstein admitted

School desk for the counter

Arnold did not want to ask for help from his father, but he experienced money to continue to bet. At the beginning of its path, the future mafia was a modest seller of cigars. Rothstein never spread out money, tried every week to postpone savings. Buttury, sellers of tobacco products have been done well, the ambitious young man was not enough.

Despite the fact that the cherished bundle in the pocket of arnold gradually increased, one economy was not enough to achieve the goal. Accumbing $ 2000, rothstein threw the sale of cigarettes to become a professional player.

Capital at the rates

Mathematics – the best ally in gambling games. Arnold had enough skills to indepenently evaluate the chances of success. Were were obvious, the young man made a big bet. From other lovers of azart rottein, he was cold: under the appropriate conditions, he participated in the distribution to 20 times a day, but if necessary, he could have to wait a convenient moment for weeks. The spectrum of hobbies of future mafia was wide – from card games to sports betting.

By 28 years, arnold moved to the "cut" quarter, located in manhattan. This place reseld a peculiar street of red lanterns, and his name was explained by the highest concentration of the beginning of the 20th century. Here mafiosa opened his first illegal casino, which has enjoyed great success due to good service.

"Treat customer correctly. In the end, he pays you salary. His stupidity – your income. Even if the drunka insults your mother, let him go. He will return back to the tables and we will take his money with a smile. ". Arnold rothstein

To obtain the advantage of arnold began to acquire useful ties. Professional player was ready to share profit with simple workfields and bookmakers, if "companions" provided interesting information. By 30 years old, the young man was already considered a millionaire.

"The more money, the louder he says". Arnold rothstein

Dry out of water

In 1919, arnold first attracted to court for testimony. Then was a scandal associated with the loss of the world sox baseball team in the world series: 8 team members deliberately threw, providing an advantage of the enemy. This story got the name black sox.

According to one of the versions, arnold rothstein studo for the organization of the contractual match. During the dacha testimony in the chicago court, the suspect denied the guilt, althought confirmed the existence of rates with the participation of white sox. Arnold assured that several people applied to him with a contractual to organize a contractual match, but he immediately refused. During the investigation, it was not possible to find evidence of the involvement of the famous gangster to the crime.

Although the "brain" did not take direct participation in collusion, he had enough information to enter into a profitable bet. Arnold understood that the contracts would take place worth his participation. He argued that thanks to one bet against white sox earned no more thank $ 100 thousand. Since rothstein hypothetically could conclude a lot of betting through the films, some eyewitneses of the winnings amount exceeded $ 350 thousand.

Mr. Tablet

After the story with the black sox, arnold got a new nickname – the fixer ("one who defines the result in advance"). It noteworthy that mafios never attracted responsibility for organizing contractual matches.

In 1921 it became known about the new collucion. Arnold put $ 150 thousand. On the sporting blood horse in the race against the favorite grey lag. The chances of winning were evaluated as 3 to 1. However, mafiosi provided an advantage, bribing sam hildrette’s coach, who left grey lag without feed. Rothstein won $ 450 thousand., but his involvement could not prove.

At the dawn of organized crime

In 1920, "dry law" was adopted. At this point, arnold not only became a millionaire, but also acquired serious connections in manhattan. He was the first to see the possibility of extracting huge profits from a ban on alcohol. Rothstein organized illegal supplies – the liquor was brought to the united states from canada through the great lakes – and a little later began to import a premium scottish whiskey through the atlantic ocean.

Thanks to the existing capital, the "brain" began to buy snack bars, as well as the shares of other underground enterprises. Gangsters new york respected arnold, so when conflicts occur between gangs, he often acted as a judge. Rothstein could easily issue a loan for the maintenance of a new business, but in return required up to 90% of profits.

By 1925 arnold rotstein became the most influential mafios in new york. His capital was evaluated at $ 10 million, which is more than $ 150 million in our days.

In the mid-1920s, the brain began to distribute drugs. This industry turned out to be more profitable than bootheral. Gangster was not afraid that he was arrested because the police and the government of new york held at the expense of bribes.

Restaurant lindy’s was an informal "office" for arnold rotstein


Among gangsters arnold has long remained a cruiser who seemed to never go to the bottom. Mafios did not go bankrupt even a band of unsuccessful bets for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, although numerous casinos and brothels in new york continued to bring super-profile, the confidence of the 46-year-old player was noticeably shaken.

In september 1928, arnold took part in the tournament with high rates against elvin "titanic" thompson, george "hamp" macmanus and neta raymond. The poker game lasted 3 days and ended for mafiii defeat – he lost $ 320 thousand. "Brain" refused to pay duty, accusing opponents in fraud, which negatively affected his reputation.

A little later, arnold agreed to issue this amount provided that $ 550 thousand will receive. From the bet on the victory of herbert hoover in the presidential race. Mafios did not live before the announcement of the results. Rothstein was mortally injured during a business meeting on november 4, 1928 at the park central hotel. The famous gangster died in 2 days at the local hospital.

The main suspicions fell on mcmanus, who mafiosa owed most of the lost money. However, the investigation went into a dead end due to the lack of significant evidence, and did not find this killer. The empire "brain" instantly broke up, and its place was taken by the leaders of other gangs – meer lanski, baghi sigel and frank ericsson.

Arnold rotstein became a prototype for the heroes of books and films, like meyer wolfsheim ("great gatsby"), sam "eis" rothstein ("godfather-2") and others.

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