Artemy Panarin: Hockey Player Made An Assistant Hat-Trick And Repeated The Record

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April 21, 2022
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The highest paid russian hockey panarin in the nhl artemy panarin in each match confirms its star status in «new york rangers». Past meeting s «minnesota» i remember immediately several bright moments with the participation of an athlete. Read more in material.

ARTEMY PANARIN: Hockey Player Made An Assistant Hat-Trick and Repeated The Record

Artemy panarin now «in fire»: all in admiration

When an athlete gets a huge contract – this allows him to feel his own importance in the team and at the same time places a huge responsibility which not everyone can cope. In one of the interviews, artemy admitted that he perfectly understood what was waiting for him, but it was not strongly influenced by him not strongly influenced by him, he simply continues to do his job. And he turns out.

On the first debut glasses panararina for «rangers» we wrote in a sparate material.

In today’s game with «minnesota» artemy repeated the club record pavel bure, who kept 17 years old. He scored the next two points in the eighth match in a row. After the game, his teammates crumbled in the laudatory sides to their partner. So, defender «rangers» tony deanagelo admitted that thes are all very much relying on artemy, as it is consuting attacks, and his game calls no other than «stunning».

In this match, panarin noted the so-called assistant hat-trick, that is, i participated in the three slaughters of my team, which made it possible to get a challeging, but important victory. Like he turned and in the last game against «montreal». Despite the fact that his team on the 23rd minute lost with a score of 0: 4, it was from the head of the head of artemia that a stunning cambek began «new york», who ended with a victory 6: 5.

Panarin spends an excellent season and is already leading among russians at the points gained in the championship, and experts believe that he is able to cross the frontier of 100 points at the end of the tournament. And as a bonus – evaluate the new movement of artemia after scored heads and assists, it was noticed even in the press service of the club and the nhl and already nickname «high-kikom».

About the childhood artemia panarin, the threat of deductions due to alcohol – in our special material.

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