Arthur Betherbiev Can Stay Without Ibf Belt Due To Politics

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April 28, 2022
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World heavyweight champion in ibf and wbc versions, arthur beterbiev, can consciously go to the refusal of one of the titles. Read more in material.

Arthur Betherbiev can stay without IBF belt due to politics

Boxer betherbiev against the infringement of uigurov

Russian champion arthur betherbiev in a recent battle against alexander gvozdika mined a second light heavyweight title. Now on his account wbc and ibf belt. On the line of the latter, he had to protect against the challenger from china, manga fanlight. But, according to the latest information, the fight has every chance not to take place.

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Dear friends! I also want to sincerely congratulate happy new year to all boxing lovers wheport their favorite athletes, they are sick for thim and give an additional incentive for new victories! Boxers who protect the colors of our flag! Their compatriots, friends, acquaintances, everyone who was near in the past year! Separately, i would like to congratulate all representatives of the russian boxing federation represented by the chairman of the higher supervisory board of the boxing federation of russia, head of the president of the president of the russian federation alexey alexandrovich rubezhnaya and secretary general of the boxing federation of the russian federation umararovich kremlov! I sincerely wish well-being and happiness in the new 2020! With coming!✊✊✊

Publication from artur beterbiev (@arturbeterbiev) 31 dec 2019 at 1:26 pst

The fact is that betherbiev’s defensev’s was supposed to go to the prc, due to the fact that promoter trading won the chinese company longjoy sports. According to espn, their representatives offered the amount, one and a half times higher than the one that top rank was ready to pay. Recall that arthur betherbiev is a client of this promotional company, which is headed for many years bob aruum.

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Boxing never fails to deliver the unexpected, the unreal and the unforgettable.

There was no shortage of any on tr stage in 2019. ⬇️ pic.Twitter.Com / 4cnds5oqvz

— top rank boxing (@trboxing)
december 30, 2019

However, the threat of a breakdown of the battle is not that the company that represents beterbiev, lost trading. The main thing – a place. The fact is that arthur does not want to boo in china because of the policy of this country regarding the ethnic group of muslim uigurov. Betherbiev is not the only famous muslim athlete who opposes the oppression by the chinese authorities of this ethnic group.

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Dear friends! I want to sincerely congratulate the head of the chechen republic, the hero of russia, my dear brother ramzan akhmatovich kadyrov, as well as all of his compatriots! This year, the chechen people under the guidance of their glorious leader achieved many heights in all sectors! Our republic flourishes, accepts guests, ranks first in different ratings, beats records! Being away from home, perceive the successes of our countrymen with a special trepidation! I want to sincerely thank my dear brother ramzan akhmatychichich, whose efforts, by the will of the most high, bring our homeland well-being! Let allah give our mercy, a bright future and limitless happiness! Dala dekaldoyl kerlata sharz! Gave tiayheye berkat joyla!

Publication from artur beterbiev (@arturbeterbiev) 31 dec 2019 at 1:03 pst

So, earlier in support of muslims in china, a football spoke «arsenal» mesut ozil, for which was subjected to sanctions in the middle kingdom. We we wrote more about this in a separate article.

In case of refusal to protect the belt, arthur beterbiev can lose it. In this case, it will become vacant, and the russian will remain the title wbc.

Previously, we wrote that emelyanenko took the challenge ramzan kadyrov.

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