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January 12, 2022
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The media reports that china’s relations and the philippines will affect the income of gambling business in case of cancellation of group visas.

AS A Visa Regime With China Will Reflect on the Philippine Casino

From december 24, china’s officials stopped processing visa applications for tourist groups from the philippines. The chinese travel agency warned its philippine partners that the change occurred due to to «non-profesionalism from the philippine side».

According to the report, an unknown chinese tourist agent adopted a group of philippine tourists on december 22, after which five of them «disappeared on arrival in shanghai pvg airport». According to preliminary data, it was not the first time when the travel agent had negligent passengers «without checking the history of travel and charitage deposit».

José clemente iii, head of the philippine tourism congress, noted that china ‘actions are currently not applied to the private applications of the philipps to receive a visa. However, most citizens of the state who visit china, as a rule, do this as part of tourist groups. Nevertheless, he suggested that «power philippines must answer reciprocity», that is, stop accepting applications for a group visa from chinese citizens.

Such actions are not welcome to the philippine casino operators for which casino customers are considerable interest, because they bring a significant share of income.

It reported that solaire resort & casino in manila gets almost a third of its income from the mass market of the games and half the turnover of the vip sector from the chinase players. The government of the philippines indirectly encourages it, weakening visa requirements for chinese visitors.

A few years ago, the incomes of south korean casinos fell sharply after casinosed restictions on entering the country of his citizens. Thus, beijing authorities expressed the placement of the rocket system supported by the united states, on the korean earth.

At the moment it seems unlikely tat president philippines rodrigo dubtain will be allowed to make a response «visa strike». Last monteh, the head of state called on the immigration service staff not to overdo it in the fight against the illegal chinese immigrants, so that thousands of philipps, working in china, were not affectedd.

Recall that rodrigaro dubtain confirmed its intention to deal with the distribution of gambling online games.

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