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May 3, 2022
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2020 continues to surprise bad news: fires in australia, united states conflict with iran, new flare virus. Against this, the news of the death of one person should not affect, but the death of the legend «los angeles lakers» kobi briant did not leave anyone indifferent.

As sports stars responded to the death of Kobi Briant

Kobe was a friend not only for basketball

Each sport has its own icons that become peculiar symbols of whole eras. So, if we talk about football, everyone immediately remembers pele, maradona, lion yashin and, of course, messi with ronaldo. In a conversation about mma, it will be emelyanenko (in the cis), mcgregor and from recently habib. In «formula 1» this is michael schumacher and airton senna. As for the nba, the names of michael jordan immediately arise in the head, shaquil about’neal and kobe brian.

Interestingly, when people become icons, most often it turns out that they are not limited in their love for sports only by their native. So, kobi was well a sign of football fans (sick for «milan»), ufc (communicated with fighters and dana white), riders «formula 1» and t. D. Therefore, the loss felt all.

Separate post on your page in instagram published an ex-player «milan» and the current coach of the national team of ukraine andrei shevchenko.

We advise you to read the article about who, why and how andrei shevchenko fulfilled his promise.

In general, in the modern world, the face between sports is erased. Increasingly, you can see how football players play basketball, and vice versa. In particular, there is no separation among top athletes. The current football superstars, such as ronaldo and messi, remained aside.

«So sad to hear the heartbreaking news about the death of kobe and his daughter gianna. Kobe was a real legend and inspiration for many. I send my condolences to his family and friends, as well as the families of everyone who died in the accident», – posted by ronaldo.

«I have no words… All my love – family and friends kobe…»

Separate post on your page published a large basketball fan neymar: «sad day for us in sports, for us, fans, and especially for family and kobe friends… let god comfort the heart of your family and friends».

Neymar – not the only fan of basketball among psg players. The ascending star kilian mbapp also did not stay aside by publishing a joint photo with bryant.

Not left aside and paul

The six-time world champion in «formula 1» lewis hamilton:

«I just woke up from this destructive news, and i am so sad to hear that we lost one of our great people. Kobe bryant was one of the greatest athletes and inspired many, including me…»

About the sixth victory of hamilton we wrote in detail in a separate material.

The community of mma fighters also could not pass by. The head of ufc is publicly expressed their condolences to wight, jorge maspal, israel adezan, daniel kormye and others.

Recall that kobe bryant died with her daughter and two more passengers as a result of the crash of the personal helicopter athlete in the suburb of los angeles.

Last year, the world was struck by the death of a football player emiliano sala, which also occurred due to aviation crash.

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