Australia Takes Measures To Protect The Battles

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January 27, 2023
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The government of australia intends to introduce a national consumer protection system of betting industry. In 2019, a number of new initiatives in the field of social responsibility will be introduced.

Australia Takes Measures to Protect The Battles

As part of this strategy, an action plan has been developed with 10 points, which is the answer to the o’farrell 2015 report dedicated to the gambling industry. The project has overcome many obstacles, for example, the refusal of queensland from committing obligations due to the development of its own strategy. Moreover, sevel provisions have already entered into force.

«These measures are designed to reduce harm that can be applied to individuals and their families through betting, – explained the federal minister for family and social services countries paul fletcher. – national frameworks will be applied to about 2.5 million active online accounts in the field of betting, or about 1 million people in australia».

Within three months atter the entry into force of the national consumer rights protection system, operators will have to reduce the time interval in which customers must pass the imentification procedure from 90 to 21 days. This is done to prevent the participation of minors in gambling and essure that incapable clients cannot create new accounts.

There are several more provisions that need to be performed: certince with bookmakers of certiain marketing rules, self-slip circuit and others.

Previously, it became known that the number of poker cars in australia will soon be significantly reduced.

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