Azara Is Definitely Not A Complex Of Athlete, But There Are Overweight Problems

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April 21, 2022
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Winger madridsky «real» and the belgian national team eden azar admitted in excess weights, which have been written various media for several years. He himself does not see in this difficulty, which can not be said about fans. Read more in material.

Azara is definitely not a complex of athlete, but there are overweight problems

Ronaldo «athlete» vs azar «fat man»

Eden azar crossed this summer in madrid «real» behind €100 million. A year earlier almost €120 million club left cristiano ronaldo. Belgian was long ago «creamy», and he had hopes for the replacement of portuguese leader. That’s just instead of a football player with an ideal body in the face of criro, fans were distant from the ideal of greek sculptors eden azara.

Azar on vacation and Ronaldo

About how belgian said goodbye with his teammates from «chelsea» – in our special material.

It is worth noting that belgian has never been like a portuguese. About his love for fastfood was known for a long time. Even after the victorious for «chelsea» europa league final happened a little curious case. While azar gave an interview for the media, his teammates raised a t-shirt, from under which a decent tummy got into the camera lens. But how eden arrived in madrid, made the heads of all fans. On the forums of fans even arose assumptions that every million euros paid for a football player is equal to one kilogram of the blagic weight.

Even came to full absurd. The next day after the medical examination, the as edition, which is associated with madrid «realom», published a photo of the belgian on which he was in good physical form. That’s just attentive users noticed that the body in the photo belongs not to azar, and his one-lunch benzema.

And if it were limited to only visual imperfections, questions to eden would not arise. But upon arrival in madrid, one of the best players of the world and the old purpose of european grande was not like himself. He obviously lacked speed ​​and mobility. The football player itself has not commented on the situation for a long time. But in a recent interview for the french edition l’equipe still admitted that after the holiday came to the location «creamy» excess weight.

It happened because of the fact that during rest «football does not refuse himself». Also, by the conviction of the striker, it is easy gaining and burning 5 kg. According to belgian, in the summer he weighed 80 kg with a height of 175 cm, ​​but he dropped everything too much in 10 days. And his faded game is associated with a period of adaptation in a new club.

But it’s believed in the words of the leader of the team of belgium with difficulty. Only in the last games, azar began to resemble himself a little more, finally overtake the defenders and successfully use dribbling.

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