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May 6, 2022
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Bagcy sigel (benjamin sigelbaum) – one of the most famous gangsters of the first half of the 20th century, which had a serious impact on the development of criminal business in the us. He was a driving force not only jewish, but also italian-american mafia. Inditice, it is known about close connections with other syndicates. So, gangster had a relation to the italian-jewish mafia, knew one of the bosses – luciano’s lucky. According to most contemporarias, personally acquainted with sigel, he was one of the smartest, charismatic and cruel criminals of that time.

Name bagcy sigel
birth name: benjamin sigelbaum
date of birth: february 28, 1906
place of birth: new york, usa
date of death: june 20, 1947
a place of death: beverly hills, usa

Several little-known facts

There are some interesting facts about gangster, wh few people know:

  1. Siegel really did not like his nickname bagcy (derived from the word "bug").
  2. Gangster was in friendly relationships with famous hollywood stars and famous characteristics of the time: with frank sinatre, gin harlow, cary grant, clark gablom and others.
  3. Together with several aristocrats, i tried to find the treasies, allegedly buried on the coast of costa rica by pirates. True, it was later rumors that it was a cover for transit of weapons and drugs in the states.
  4. Suspected in the greatest crimes: from drug trafficking to killings. However, on proven charges, only twice was arrested: for vagabond, gambling and illegal accommodation of bets on the racetrack. At the same time, he sport very little time behind the bars, because he was finished with fines.
  5. Sigel became a prototype of different characters of famous hollywood blockbusters and tv shows. In total, not less than 10 such films were shot. Among famous: "godfather", "once in america", "clan soprano".

The image of the sielet is used in a number of blockbusters

The most interesting story can be considered the case that occurred in 1939, when baghsey tried to sell benito mussolini explosive atom. The deal was broken, since the italian dictator did not impress the test results of the substance. During his stay in italy, sigel crossed with herman hering (right hitler). He was also on the audience in mussolini. Friends bagcy argued that a few years later, during world war ii, siegel glanced ulibly tat he had the opportunity to kill geering, but unfortunately he did not take advantage.

Bagcy sigel and gambling business

In fact, information about the place of bagcy sigel in the hankerstsers hierarchy and the 20th century are quite a lot, so there will be more interesting information about his involvement in business entertinment. Gambling has always been considered the object of attention of criminal bosses, especially if there wre restrictions on the legislative level.

In the 30-40th years of the last century, business entertainment in the united states was allowed only in nevada. Today, it is often possible to meet stories that baghsey sigel became a man who marked the development of las vegas as a gambling center. This is a widespread misconception. Gambling in the city worked and before famous gangster appeared here. Of course, he made a certain contribution to the development of the entertainment industry, but far from decisive.

Bagcy sigel: one of the most cruel gangsters usa

So, in the 30s of the 20th century, sigel consisted of one of the mafia groups, which controlled the east coast of the united states. Since at the time in california there worked a lot of bookmakers, ganggers sought to take this sphere under their control. On task of bossov baggy goes to los angeles, in which he gambling busines to make a gambling business, sending the lion’s share of income in the cash of the clan. As a result, in 1942, a syndicate, which controlled bookmakers, received about 500,000 dollars daily. Moreover, considerable merit belonged to sigel.

Approximately at the same time, it becomes the owner of several casinos, which are located on courts on anchor, a few kilometers from the shore. Although the concept of the 50s of the 20th century, the laws of the 20th century, the laws on preferential taxation have already existed. As well as the possibility of opening gambling establishments that did not fall under the us jurisdiction. That is, experience in the entertainment business by the beginning of the 40s from sigel was already.

Bagcy sigel in las vegas

At the beginning of the 40s, bagcy appears in las vegas. By and large, at that time it was a real "hole" in the desert with several gambling institutions. In 1945, he acquires part of the hotel and casino el cortez hotel, located on one of the main streets of fremont street. Literally a year later, gangster sells his share due to the fact that the authorities have provided serious pressure, knowing who he really is. As a result, bagsi is looking for a project in which not only own funds could be investing, but also money bosses.

In the 40s, the construction of a casino in the nearest suburb of las vegas began. The place will be called las vegas strip, subsequently becoming famous. It is here. R. Wilkerson, wh posted the company the hollywood reporter and real estate in las vegas, began to build a future hotel and flamingo casino. By the way, the view is that it is named after the girlfriend and the lover of siguel virginia hill, who had the same nickname, does not corresponds to reality. It’s just another myth and an amazing coincidence.

Famous flamingo casino built by sigel

Gangster methods have never been distinguished by special diversity. One of the corona chips was a gradual introduction of an honest business with subsequent full control. Bagsi sigel did not come up with something original. Wilkerson wanted to build a luxury hotel and a casino in which hollywood stars and other celebrities were to become regular customers. We needed big money. Own funds were not enough, so the businessman was looking for additional sources of financing. As a result, he took the money from sigla, and in fact – the mafia. This rock mistake led to the fact that soon wilkerson was forced to give the whole project under the control of bagcy, which created unbearable conditions for a businessman.

Last project sigela

Sigel convinced the bosses that the project is beneficial, therefore, except for its six hundred thousand and half a million dollars of mafia already embedded in the project, he spent almost six million for the construction of flamingo! At that time, the amount is very big. In fact, today it is difficult to say why the casino cost so expensive. According to some the siegetel was a little disassembled in construction, and its contractors were simply cheated by selling sevel times the same materials. Others are confident that bugsy "threw" bosses and assigned significant amounts to themselves. It may very much that truth somewhere in the middle.

The solemn discovery of flamingo took place in decepto 1946. When it turned out that the mafia had already received grand losess, and the profits could not buddy sigel meyer lanski accused him of putting the money of the clan. Nevertheless, baghi managed to convince gangster and others that it is not so just need to wait, and flamingo will begin to bring a grand income. He was right, by may 1947, the first 250,000 dollars were earned, which went to the mafia cashier.

Baghi sigel was shot dead in his own house in 1947

In june of the same year, bagsi sigel was shot in his own home. What caused the murder, the investigation did not find out. Versions were somewhat, but we did not find significant evidence to confirm any of them. Some believed that bosses had punished baghi for the assignment of their money. Others were confident that competitors from other clans were removed, wanted to get control of las vegas gambling. According to third, sigel avenged. R. Wilkerson, who he took the flamingo project.

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