Bale Decided To Try Himself As A Hero And Antihero In One Match

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April 4, 2022
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Madridsky «real» spent €300 million on players this summer, but on the results it does not yet affect. «Creamy» a little bit lost «villarreal», from the defeat the saved garet bale, from which zidan died all this time. But the real hero of wallin still did not become. More details – in material.

Bale Decided to Try Himself As A Hero and Antihero in One Match

Statistically «villarreal» – one of the most uncomfortable rivals for «royal club». Until yesterday’s meeting in the five last fights was twice, draw 2: 2, two victories «creamy» 3: 2 and defeat 0: 1. Neither the change of composition nor the change of coaches do not change the fact that «submarine» delivers problems «galaktikos». So happened this time.

Already on the 12th minute, balargero took advantage of depressing defense «real» and noted by a nude. Fortunately for the guest fans, garet bale was still able to restore parity until the end of the first half, closed the transfer from karvakhal. But on the 74th minute «villarreal» again came forward – my gomez scored. And the defense of madrids was terribly played again. Almost all selected and bounce remained behind the owners of the field, varan and ramos regularly lost their positions than and used players from valencia.

About why garet bail this summer did not leave the club, we wrote in a special review.

But the individual skill of baila has done her job. Garet risen the defender of rivals and beautifully sent the ball to the grid of the goal of fernandez. As a result, the match ended with the score of 2: 2. It would seem that welsh can be considered a real hero of madrid, but with a detailed view, everything is not so unequivocally.


First, for the whole match, he inflicted only three strikes (two of which turned out to be naked). Secondly, his account is only one successful attempt by dribbling. Bale was terrible and in defense, the extreme ex-defender did only one selection for the whole game. And thirdly, the football player received a rather stupid removal in the ending match. And the two yellow cards that he received for three minutes led to this.

Bail strikes

Yes, vallian benefited the team and saved his goals «real» from defeat. That’s just despite the fact that he stayed in the club, his egoism would not go anywhere. It will be not surprising if during disqualification due to the red card paparazzi will again be afraid of bayla playing golf. The second ronaldo did not come out of it.

Earlier, we reported that azar received a reward to the best player of the europa league – 2018/2019.

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