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February 2, 2022
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Athletes often shock their fans with unusual actions. Unfortunately or fortunately, in order to be on the wave of popularity, sometimes football players have to surprise fans.

Balotelli: GOAL? Not More Than A Reason for Video In'Instagram'
Content: 1. What other leavings are famous balotelli?2. Is there any lovers of selfie and video among the players «instagram»?

Source photo: kp.Ru

Jednie distinguished and striker «marseille» mario balotelli, who presented the most original way «disagree» celebrate a goal in the french of the 25th round of the french league 1 with «saint-etienne». He took off the original video and laid it in «stork» «instagram».

After a successfully decorated corner striker sent the ball right into the opponent’s gate. It happened on the 25th minute of the meeting. Probably, balotelli was so discouraged by his success which ran up to the gate, took his phone, called to his partners and took the video in «stork» instagram. Fans were extremely surprised, and the roller was published in the player account. At the time of february 5, it scored 3.3 million views.

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I want this celebration on @easportsfifa thanks!! ????????????????

Publication from mario balotelli????????????‍????‍???????? (@ mb459) 4 mar 2019 at 4:29 pst

It is likely that this video was so pleased with the fans of a 28-year-old athlete that they hurried to create graphic illustrations in the appropriate subject, one of which balotelli also placed in their account.

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????????????✊???? ????

Publication from mario balotelli????????????‍????‍???????? (@ mb459) 4 mar 2019 at 8:29 pst

Balotelli came in «marseilles» from «nice». As part of a new team, a football player managed to speak in six matches of the frenc championship. On his account – four goals and one product transfer in 16 matches of the current league competitions 1.

What other leavings are famous balotelli?

By the way, balotelli do not get get get to shock their fans. This is not the first act of a young football player who received such a wide resonance.

For example, in the match semi-finals of the champions league, being an attacker fc «intera», balotelli also extraordinary celebrated his team’s victory over «barcelona». Instead of joying with joy with other team members and fans, the football player took off his club t-shirt and threw it to earth with angrily. Of course, this deed did not go without the attention of the coach and journalists.

The captain of the team javier dzaretty explained that he did not approve of such an act of an athlete, and promised to find out what caused such unacceptable behavior. As it turned out, balotelli throughout the match was obstructed by its fans, and the patience of a young temperamental guy was dried.

Another, no less booti output occurred in the framework of the match with «palermo». The meeting took place in october 2009. Balotelli brilliantly showed himself in the game, earning a penalty. However, the perturbation of the football player was not the limit woute he stated that the penalty would try samuel it′about. Balotelli rushed to put «spectacular point» in the match, but it was not possible to do so – intervened znetti.

Kind «cherry on the cake» all the awesome actions of a young athlete can be considered to rise their own home. Yes yes understood everything correctly. Balotelli chose a very unusual way to have fun with friends at a party – they began to throw in the windows of the bathroom fireworks. First tanned the curtains and then the whole house. Fortunately, the athlete stayed alive and healthy.

Is there any lovers of selfie and video among the players «instagram»?

There is. Such is alexander prudnikov, striker fc «amkara». As part of the home meeting of the 28th round of the russian premier league with «kuban» athlete opened account. He considered it a great reason to make selfie with dmitry khomich, the replacement goalkeeper of permyakov.

Prudnikov – russian totti. First scores after a beautiful combination, and then makes selfie: http: // t.Co / dghiee8dgh pic.Twitter.Com / vygzmzxgll

— sports.Ru (@sportsru)
may 16, 2015.

Another spectacular selfie was made in 2016 by ariklesen da silva ferreira, or ari, attacker «krasnodar», during the match of the second round of the russian championship with «terek». Pavel mamaev made a transfer to striker, after which he struck the opponent’s gate, and then took a photo for memory.

Forward "krasnodar" ari made selfie after goal "meku" alya tetti! Pic.Twitter.Com / rintiyhngg

— fanskrasnodar (@fanskrasnodar)
august 8, 2016.

But the best selfie in the entire history of football is truly considered to be the photo francesco totti, brilliantly issued a double in the roman derby. Athlete took a picture on the background of the fan sector.

Le 1er a effectué un selfie après un but c est totti pic.Twitter.Com / bjhm6nhxli

— mcn (@ jeremcharo78)
march 3, 2019.

Previously, we wrote that forward «manchester united» anthony marsyal was not very upset because of the impossibility of participation in the champions league match due to injury. Athlete obvious, «celebrates maslnitsy». The club has posted a video with him, on which he bakes pancakes. More about it in a separate material.

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