Bank Of Russia Revealed 134 Financial Pyramids In 2018

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January 31, 2023
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For the three-year period, the central bank of the russian federation revealed more than 650 financial pyramids, of which 134 were recorded in the current year. All of them attracted funds of citizens with the help of aggressivive advertising and promises of major earnings.

Content: 1. History «cashbury»2. Expert opinion

Indition, representatives of the bank of russia allocated the main signs of financial pyramids in order to prevent citizens.

Signs of financial pyramid:

  • Lack of a license of the bank of russia or recording in the state register of management;
  • Promise income exceeding the average level – more than 20% per annum;
  • Revenue warranty;
  • Aggressive advertising;
  • Lack of real economic activity;
  • Lack of an argement with an investor or the lack of a point of responsibility in case of termination of the contract and non-fulfillment of obligations.

Representatives of the bank of russia warn that the pyramids can be masked for microfinance organizations, consumer cooperatives. The organizers promise major stable income by investing deposits’ funds to large projects. Practice shows that during the first months of work, people who investigate money can really make a profit, but after some time scammers take all the money and disappear.

History «cashbury»

One of the most striking examples of a fraudulent project is «cashbury», recently ceased. Despite the fact that the organization possessed all signs of the financial pyramid, tens of thousands of people have invested cash. According to experts, damage from activities «cashbury» rated more than 3 billion rubles.

The organizers promised people income in 600% per annum, but suddenly ceased their activities and depositors lost money.

Expert opinion

However, some businessmen see the pros in the existence of such projects. One of them is businessman sergey polonsky. He is convinced that the demand for pro projects like «cashbury», never runs out.

Experience acquired when interacting with financial pyramids, polonsky compares with training at the same time that «any training is expensive».

Recall: according to the president «cashbury» arthur vardanyan, payments to depositors were to start december 1, but this did not happen.

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