“Barcelona” Against “Slavia” Clearly Showed Only The Inner Disorder, Because Of What Could Not Score

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April 18, 2022
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The network discusses the situation between messi and grizmann: it sems that these guys still did not find a common language. Both had excellent chances to give each other transfer, but avoided this by sacrificing the champions league game. What awaits the team after 0: 0 «slavia»?

«Slavia» – «barcelona»: goals, more precisely, their absence, and other match indicators

In the second meeting of teams as part of the current champions league «barcelona» again dominated, taking the match for your own control and not allowing the opponent to hit the target. However, the last factor – controversial moment. It difficult to say for sure what is the level of technical teams, or the implementation of the idea of ​​the catalan team?

More detailed about the first game teams we told in our separate article.

Stalemate! Pic.Twitter.Com / 0dmeilr74r

— fc barcelona (@fcbarcelona)
november 5, 2019

Doubts arise at least because in the course of the match it was noticeable that in «barcelona» not all right with the coordination of players. We are talking about forwards lionel messi and antoine grismanne. In one of the moments, argentine had an excellent opportunity to become the author of his head filing, because on a convenient and open position just was french.

Does this prove that messi hates griezmann?

He did a great job creating the chance all by himself though. Pic.Twitter.Com / ew5uldrz2n

— juan velazquez (@ juandirection59)
november 5, 2019

However, leo decided to strike himself, and, logical, nothing came out. Similar moments have happened and antoine. In social networks are actively discussing the situation, calling her «disorder in a team».

This state of affairs was like players «slavia», after all, from 14 strikes on the goal «barca» i could not bring the goal to the net. The initiative of messi was noticeable, but each time his blow had accounted for either exactly in the bar, or right in the hands of cirera.

In another material, we talked about the causes and transfer of spanish «classic» for two monhs.

By the way about goalkeeper «slavia». College should pay tribute, because it’s not for nothing that he got the highest rating in the match, in which lionel messi was playing. Czech goalkeeper made six savings, not to mention the level of the game and involvement in general.

For the most part, thanks to him, the prague club did not miss, because, despite quarrels and inner war, the attacking group of players «sine-grenadey» it is not difficult to defeat the opponent.

As a result – «barcelona» with 8 points in the first place, «slavia» with 2 – on the last.

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