“Barcelona” Was Bad In “Classico”, But Suarez Dragged Her In The Final

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February 1, 2022
4 minutes

Yesterday, the response semi-final meeting of the cup of spain was held between the main contenders for the trophy – «realom» and «barcelona». Borrowing – «creamy» lost with a crushing account, but the score on the scoreboard is not quite fair.

Content: 1. Valverde experiments and miracle wins2. Vinysius was b «real» the best, but he is still too young3. Suarez wakes up only in «classic»

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Valverde experiments and miraculously wins

The first semifinal came out for the madrid club promising. Nickname 1: 1 on «camp nou» seemed to be something akin to victory, because recently not in the native stadium «barca» far from ideal, and left-off the goal left additional advantages «galaktikos». And at first for «real» everything was excellent.

Valverde arrived on «santiago bernabeu» with a clear plan game from defense. Neither «ticky taki» and speeches in this match did not go. Moreover, coach «sine-grenadey» once again decided to try out a more defensive scheme 4-4-2, which did not particularly show himself in the game with «seville», and if there were the best implementation of the players «real», would not work now.

Some players felt some players not only because of the unusual tactical scheme. Yesterday there was information that the wife of the defender «barcelona» gerard piquet – shakiru – accused of tax evasion €14.5 million. More about the situation in a separate material.

Vinysius was b «real» the best, but he is still too young

Spoil all coach plans «barca» could 18-year-old brazilian, who alone 6 strikes in this match (for the whole team «blurranas» 4 hitting the game). But the insanely talented striker lacks the main – cold mind in important points. Zhunior, then wielding a few rivals to a few rivals, at the last moment i took the wrong decision and either blurted out, or delayed, and he took the ball.

Pic.Twitter.Com / ie7mkvvpil

— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
february 28, 2019.

But according to the result, it was the brazilian who got the highest rating in this match – 7.0. And this is despite the fact that it was replaced by the 81st minute. As much got another young talent «galaktikos», left protector sergio regyl.

Vinysiius was in Real, but he is still too young

Suarez wakes up only in «classic»

Master class on the composure and the sale of scoring moments in this match showed «el pistolta». Louis suarez can be called full confidence «specialist in classic». Another memories of the fans of both clubs about his hat-trick in october last year, when «barca» won 5: 1 how he does it again.

Remember the events of that defeat can be in a separate material here.

These goals are especially important against the background of talking about the fact that suarez lost his forward skills, as well as the search for a new striker for «barca». 3 goals from 4 strikes in the target became a record implementation in «el classico», the victory in which madrid club deserved more.

Happiness ????️️ pic.Twitter.Com / hou1kftwrk

— fc barcelona (@fcbarcelona)
february 27, 2019.

But, as you know, games are forgotten, and the result remains. Total of this match – 25th victory «sine-grenadey» on the «santiago bernabeu» and another passage to the king cup final. «Realu» it remains to save anger and forces for revenge in the spanish championship, which will be held on march 2. Fortunately, after this defender, the coach is not going to change.

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