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March 28, 2022
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Blackjack is a card game that has been popular for several centuries. The reason is the ability to raise the chances of winning through the use of strategies. But before proceeding to their development, you need to understand the rules of Blackjack.

Card game story

Disputes on the origin of the blackjack last today. But allocate two main versions:

  • In 1440, Trentuno appeared in Italy. Rules fully coincide with blackjack. The only difference is that for victory, participants gained 31 points instead of 21.
  • In the XVII century, Vingt Et Uno Card entertainment appeared in France, which means "twenty and one". But its rules differ from the modern game.

Existing versions make it clear: Blackjack has European roots. However, he owes its popularity to American immigrants. At the beginning of the 20th century, they brought the game to the States where the owners of local casinos gave her the current name, complemented bonuses and side rates.

The peak of the popularity of Blackjack fell on the 50-60s, when mathematical techniques appeared to obtain benefits over the casino.

Terminology for newbies

Special vocabulary is used in blackjack. Basic concepts:

  • Player – Distribution participant competes against casino.
  • Dealer (croupier) – responsible for conducting distributions.
  • Hand – player card set or croupier.
  • Shafl – machine for hanging the deck.
  • Boxing – place for rates.
  • Shusov (shoe) – Special device for deck.
  • Chip – acts in the internal currency of the casino. It has a different denomination. Exchanges for cash at the cashier of the gambling establishment.
  • Soft hand – Ace in combination of participant or dealer can cost as 1, so 11 points.
  • Solid hand – Ace in combination is equal to one or missing in it.
  • HIT (more) – Make a good.
  • Double Down (double) – increase the initial bid twice.
  • Stand (enough) – abandon the good.
  • Split (split) – Two cards of one nominal can be divided into separate boxes at an additional rate.
  • Surrender (refuse) – complete participation in the game.

Important rules of blackjack

Standard 52-card decks are used for distributions. Their quantity depends on the version of Blackjack.

But the more the decks involve, the higher the advantage of the casino:

Number of coporophest property

Purpose of the game

The main task is to collect a more valuable combination than the dealer. Ideally, she should bring 21 points. If such a sum gives two starting cards, it is blackjack.

Online game in European blackjack

It is important to avoid exceeding the points. If more than 21 is recruited, the loss is automatically counted.

Dealer actions

Before the start of the distribution, the croupier is hazing and trimmed with a deck. Then laying out for each active boxing two cards per capita. Similar quantity. But the first card puts the shirt down. So the player can evaluate the chances of winning the croupier.

After distributing start-up cards, the participant is first. He makes a decision for each boxing. Next goes the croupier – does a good if the amount of points is less than 17.


Play blackjack in cards is easier than poker. Here you do not need to collect complex combinations. It is enough to learn how to correctly evaluate the power of your hands.


The table may include from three to ten boxes. The rules of the Blackjack game do not forbid bets at once a few of them. In this case, for each boxing dealer dresses two cards. The comparison of the combinations collected on the basis of them is separate. Due to this, you can get several payments for one distribution.

As for the size of the rates, the minimum and maximum limit are governed by the selected table. Go out for marked limits is prohibited by the rules. If the participant wants to put a smaller or large amount than it is available, he must transfer after another table.

Many casinos in order to diversify the gameplay take side rates. They are calculated separately from the main and in most cases are not tied to the outcome of the distribution.

The most common options of side rates are:

Field Titting on meat
Perfect couplePerfect pairsThe player puts on the fact that he will come from the first hand distribution
High Low 13Hilo 13The player puts on what value will be its first two cards – less, more or equal to 13 points
BonusBonusThe rate plays when the participant gets a suite starting hand


When the dealer is open to Ace, he offers a player to buy insurance from blackjack. To do this, be added to the bank an amount equal to half the initial rate. If the second card gives 10 points, the participant receives the payment of 2: 1.

When the dealer does not dial 21 points, insurance goes in favor of a casino, and the game continues on the usual rules.

Counting points

At the final stage, the croupier summarizes the results, summing the glasses for distributing cards:

Nominal and rating
From 2 to 10At par
Valts, lady, king10
Ace11 or 1 – depending on the game situation

Newbies often arise difficulties with the determination of the value of the ace. When the hand gives more than 21 points, and equates to one. If there is no bustling, the ace brings 11 points.

After counting points, the final results of the distribution are summed up:

  • If a player gets a stronger hand than a dealer, then wins and takes pay 1 to 1.
  • The winnings collected by the participant of Blackjack is 3 to 2.
  • If the dealer gets a stronger hand, the player loses his bet.
  • In the case of a draw of the chips, they are returned back or in favor of the casino, depending on the existing rules at the table.

Game etiquette

Guests of the gambling establishment should behave according to etiquette, which provides for the following:

  • Chips are bought at the Casino Casino.
  • The client may take any free place at the active table.
  • If the rules are incomprehensible, politely refer to the dealer for clarification.
  • During the game, do not speak loud.
  • Unacceptable to give advice to other participants or comment on their actions.
  • It is forbidden to touch the croupier: the administration of the institution may regard it as a fraudulent effect. 
  • You can not change your bet after getting a starting hand.
  • Leaving the table, leave the tip dealer to thank him for the game.

Meaning gestures

Distribution participants are not necessary to announce their actions and moves aloud. You can use gestures:

  • If you need a good, index finger is sent directly to the deck or spend on the table.
  • To express the intention to stop, make a otmashka towards the next participant, and hand overlap the received cards on the box.
  • For Dabla, additional chips move to the already existing stack in the bank.
  • To make split, next to the starting rate put equal amount and open your cards. Then raise index and middle fingers up.
  • In case of brute force, open cards.

The player announces stand

Popular strategies

For success at the table, it is not enough to know the rules of the game of blackjack for beginners. It is also necessary to master popular strategies. They will help reduce casino advantage.

Popular strategies include:

  • Passwords. Increase the initial rate after each win 1.5-2 times. You need to start with the minimum amount. It is returned to it at each loss.
  • Paria. Decisions are made on the basis of the table above. Upon receipt of the winnings, the next bet double, in case of failure, return to the initial amount.
  • Martingale. After each loss, the bid is doubled. When you get a reward, return to the initial amount.

How to track maps

Another popular strategy – Hilo. The essence is to track the cards released from the deck:

  • To six – plus 1.
  • Seven, Eight, Nine – 0.
  • Dozen and older – minus 1.

Need to carefully count cards in blackjack. With a negative value, it is hunting, with positive – do a double.

Tips beginner players

Professionals recommend novice to adhere to the following principles:

  • Do not copy. The approach is ineffective due to the fact that the dealer does not make split and doubling. When the player repeats the moves of the croupier, it only increases the advantage of the casino.
  • Not stop at 12-16 points. The probability of esproofing with such a hand is not very high, so it is better to take another card.
  • Dozen. They constitute a valuable combination with high chances of winning, so Split is unprofitable for a player.
  • Do not declare "Enough" on solid 17 and make a good on soft 17. The approach does not allow to conduct a positive game.


How to quickly remember the rules?

Several distributions for interest in the "Demo" mode should be played.

Is it profitable to buy insurance?

The probability that with an open Age of the croupier will be 10, j, q or k, less than 30%. For this reason, insurance is considered disadvantageous. At the distance due to its payment, players go to minus.

Is it worth making side rates?

No, they also do not bring the expected benefit.

Is it possible to play blackjack online for money?

Yes, tables with real rates are available in online casinos.

In which variations of the game the smallest advantage of the casino? 

Baden-Baden and the classic version of Blackjack.

Is it possible to play online with alive dealers?

Yes, in the online casino there are livet-tables with real croupiers.

Is it possible using strategies to constantly go out in plus?

No, they only reduce the advantage of the casino.

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