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February 4, 2022
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Basic rules of the game in 21

21 – card entertainment similar to blackjack. The difference between disciplines is the hand estimation system. Rules of the 21 point in the cards are simplified and based on the use of a short deck from six to the ace. Many actions are absent compared to blackjack, due to which it is even new to understand the basic principles.

Rules of the game in 21 points

The number of participants varies from two to ten people, not including dealer. Banker is responsible for distribution and accounting of money. It is also a controller and helps others figure out how to play 21 points in the card.

Unlike blackjack, in this game another estimate of the pictures. In the first case, the currency, lady and the king give 10 points, in the second – in 2, 3 and 4, respectively.

At the start of the banker makes the initial rate. Participants repeat it. Next follows distribution. The main goal of the user is to beat the dealer. To do this, you need to collect combinations of cards, each of which has its own nominal points. When receiving more than 21 points, the participant drops out.

Game process

The whole cycle includes three main stages. This is a distribution, knock and counting.

Distribution of cards

The dealer begins to distribute with a person who is left of him. Everyone gets on the map. They are heated with a shirt down. Banker takes one and shows her.

Then the player bets and starts the move. He says "Enough" or replenishes his hand. If there are not enough points to 21, then it can take more. However, there must be no more than 5.

The size of the player’s bet may not exceed the amount of the bank.

When all the dealer opponents made their moves, he gets a map of himself. Next is the comparison of the account.

Wins the player who scored more points, but within 21


You can play before the "knock". This is the situation when the bank is three times higher than the dealer rate.

At this stage, the participant can lay out any amount on the con. It is limited only by the size of the bank. If the participant benefits from the dealer, then takes all the money. If not, then adds a bid to the bank. And so, while the queue does not reach the last participant. If he also loses, the money goes to banker.

Counting points

According to the rules of the card game 21 points use the deck from the six to the ace. Counting points is carried out according to such a system:

Ace 1 or 11
King € 4
Lady € 3
Valet € 2
Rest At par

Bonus combinations

They are stipulated before the game. Bonus combinations include, for example, two aces. With their falling, the participant immediately takes money. The winning can be considered a combination of five pictures.

Bonus payments are issued for combinations 6 + 7 + 8 or 7 + 7 + 7. Total they are equal to 21 points.

The combination of three seven can give bonus pay

About chairs and torment

Dishonest players resort to deception. Usually they use labeled decks. Marks are applied in different ways:

  • Pierce sheets in the needle deck, because of what the bulge appears, tangible with his fingers.
  • Spend almost imperceptible lines.
  • Collect decks with factory marriage.
  • Darken or brighten important cards.

When the cheeler is detected in the ground-based institution, it is immediately removed from the hall. In case of violations, an unscrupulous user account is blocked in online casinos.

Famous strategies games

Gaming strategies will help to win honestly. Basics of basic tactics are described below:

  • When a set of high nominal cards must be stopped at 16-17 points. If you take another, then you can get more than 21.
  • If the option of the passage is available while maintaining half the bet and the dealer is open to ace or a dozen, she needs to take advantage.

Many strategies are based on counting and memorizing. The essence of the method is to keep track of the rates that have dropped out. This will allow you to more accurately calculate the probabilities.

To quickly memorize the card you need to divide into three groups. The example is presented in the table:

Group Description
First 2-6 points € 1
Second Ace and 10 -one
Third Other 0

Starting account after distribution is zero. Next, you should add or take a unit, focusing on the nominal. The higher the final account, the "hot" deck.

Strategies applicable to blackjack, do not work here, so hand charts are useless.


Who invented the game?

According to the popular opinion, it appeared in the USSR. It is called the Russian species of blackjack, because the Soviet deck is used, and not standard.

What differences from blackjack?

Valts, lady and king have no value 10 points, and 2, 3 and 4, respectively.

Where to play for free at 21?

There is a demonstration mode in online casino. In it rates are made on virtual chips. No financial risks.

What a penalty for hiding?

Participant who did not tell about a lively distribution, should contribute a double rate.

When you do not need to do good?

In the case when there are more than 17 points on hand, but no ace.

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