Basta Suggested Fighters Habiba Nurmagomedov To Become Minister Of Culture Dagestan

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July 26, 2022
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Former mma habib fighter nurmagomedov often criticizes different musicians who come with concerts in makhachkala. The situation was disassembled by raper basta, with whom i categorically disagree the oi zhurov champion. Exclusive sports news already in material.

Basta suggested Fighters Habiba Nurmagomedov to become Minister of Culture Dagestan

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Fighter ufc habib nurmagomedov must offer something in return – basta

The famous dagestan fighter habib nurmagomedov completed his career in the ufc in the fall of 2020, but only by march 2021 in the question was put a point, since all this time the head of the promoter dana white tried to return the champion of octave. After the departure, habib began to pay more time to other things: his own promotion, family, republic affairs, and so on. From time to time, there are even conversations that the former fighter ufc can go into politics, about which vasily vaculenko, known as rapper basta, recently spoke in his interview.

The famous musician spoke about the popular athlete because of his statements about different domestic musicians. Habib criticized hammali & navai, egor crery and morgettern because of their music or because their concerts passed in makhachkala. Vakulento noted that the position of nurmagomedova is not quite clear, because he, in fact, calls for banning what does not like specifically. Rapper compared the prohibition of individual musicians with a prohibition of mat, which is consumed both religious and rich and poor and non-religious.

Basta believes that society needs to give a choice, because it is freedom. If the ex-champion is going to prohibit the speeches of specific popular performers, then he, according to rapper, you need to become a minister of culture of his republic.

«I’m not kidding – become minister of culture. He is a very educated person, he has a very correct position in many moments», – says musician.

Vakulent is convinced that habiba needs to offer something to replace what he encourages to ban. It can contribute to the development of music in dagestan, so that the locals listen to the classics or the music that fighter.

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The words of rapper commented on the olympic champion svetlana zhurov, who considered the offer of habiba to become a minister of culture incorrect. Nurmagomedov is not so strong in music, as in sports or religion, so he should become not the head of the cultural committee, but immediately the head of dagestan.

Zhurov considered the words basta joke, said for the sake of haip. The athlete noted that, speaking about the ban on specific concerts, the fighter made a person fighting for education, morality and patriotism. She also called habiba spiritual leader of the republic.

«…He is against certain artists, because, in his opinion, they did not carry anything light to the native republic», – explains the position of nurmagomedov champion oi.

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