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April 27, 2022
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Bat cryptocurrency: the course has decreased by 30% and reached the support area. According to analysts, the latter can serve as a good shower. Breed in our material.

BAT: cryptocurrency can turn around soon
Content: 1. Bat cryptocurrency: historical essay2. Bat cryptocurrency: shopping zones3. Bat cryptocurrency: course and downstream wedge

Bat cryptocurrency: historical essay

Positive dynamics regarding the price of bat was fixed on september 6 – during the month, the asset rose in price by 50%. At the same time, the breakthrough of the resistance areas of 3,200 satosha was unsuccessful, because it was decided to make a correction that continues to this day.

According to the trader @thecryptocactus, the bounce of bat from the current level of resistance will entail a rebound into the support area of ​​2,300 satoshi. If the zone is broken, then the cryptocurrency of the bat course can fix record minima of the cost.

Bat cryptocurrency: shopping areas

Recall that on september 6, the minimum accounted for 1,572 satoshi, while on october 18, the maximum level was stated at 4,473 satoshi. Resistance area – 3,200 satosha – influenced the formation of the price with a double vertex and since then began to shrink.

Analysts note that the current support zone – 2,250 satosha – very important in the long term. At the same level, fibonacci rollback (0.618%). This zone plays the role of support since 2017.

Bat cryptocurrency: shopping areas

Bear bat bat bed cryptovaya prices held in august and september of the current year. Analysts note that the likelihood of whether bat will be able to keep support for support, will depend on the long falling trend, the probability of which is currently high.

Bat cryptocurrency: course and downstream wedge

But on long-term schedules, the prospects of the asset look more confident. So, the cost is traded inside the figure of the downstream wedge. The speaker is marked from december 4. Such patterns experts are called bullish, in their opinion, he is a harbinger of breakthrough.

Due to the fact that strong bovine divergence signals were observed, and finding a token in the support zone of analytics is the possibility of an upward breakthrough.

Recall that the cryptocurrency of mindol passed the pumping stage.

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