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March 14, 2022
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Munich «bavaria» they consider one of the most hated clubs among the german fans, despite this, all the homemade matches of the club are held with the full manshlage. We understand why so so.

Love and hate for munich: causes

«Fc hollywood» or «stars yuga» – some of many nicknames the most titled team of germany, munich «bavaria». They most fully reflect the status «red» in the history of german football. On their account, the absolute record of victories in bundesliga – 28, by victories in german cups and german league – 18 and 6. Besides, «rotena» five times became the winners of the champions league. It would seem why munichs do not like in germany?

Theraefore, why many people are not delighted with corporations by apple or samsung. «Bavaria» – real hegemon in bundesliga and in fact, the only big grand in the country. He is the richest and most status, but another club collects all talented bundesliga players at least trying to do it. And this last factor is most set up fans of other clubs against munich.

This summer «bavaria» legends left her legends – frank ribery and arjen robben. You can read more about it in ur material.

From the last, the most striking examples when «bavaria» lailed the star of competitors to himself:

  • Levandowski («borussia» e);
  • Gotze («borussia» e);
  • Hummels («borussia» e);
  • Cook («stuttgart»);
  • Gordetska («schalke 04»).

It is worth appearing a good player who brightly shows itself in the bundesliga, which means scouts «bavaria» already sent his agent request, you can be sure.

But at the same time in munich «bavaria» possesses 100% love. Year after year, the club sells all subscriptions to home matches still long before the start of the championship. This year was no exception. On the website of the authoritative italian journalist, janluki di marzio, there was information that at the time of july 4, all tickets for homemade matches «roten» sold out. Indition, all tickets for guest sectors sold sold «bavaria» in the fields of the championship.

Last season, according to statistical sites, attendance «fc hollywood» lit only dorthmunds «borussia. And that the reason is that «alliance arena» less at capacity (75 thousand. Against 81 thousandsand.). For 17 matches, the stadium was visited by 1.275 million viewers. For comparison with rpfl, on matches «zenita» visited club himself last season) came 721,828 fans for 15 fights. And on going second «rostov» – 465 513.

Earlier, we we wrote that leroy sana was practically switched in «bavaria».

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