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February 17, 2022
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Stopped Pan-European Sale Westspiel-Group

December 18, 2020 warth & klein grant thornton ag wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft as a a leading transaction consultant launched a pan-european share tender for the sale of westspiel group. As a casino operator group currently has 900 employees and manages four casinos in aachen, bad einhouse, dortmund-hoenziburg and duisburg, having an exceptional monopoly on a casino in the federal land north rhine-westphalia. The westspiel group, consisting of several legal entities, will be sold complekely. Westspiel group shares are currently owned by nrw.Bank of the north rhine-westphalia federal development bank of the north rhine.

The governments of the federal earth north rhine-westphalia decided on may 8, 2018 to privatize westspiel group. The law on licensing state casino in the land of north rhine-westphalia (spielbg nrw), which entered into force on june 3, 2020, created the necessary preiminary conditions for privatization, for the first time since the private casino in the north rhine- westpharalia was allowed to work. Potential buyers from germany and from abroad can apply for the upcoming phase of the bidding and negotiations of the competition.

In 2019 fiscal year, the westspiel group received gross income from about 117.2 million euros and attracted about 900,000 visitors a total of. This is a significant growth of almost (27%) compared with the previous year (gross revenue from games in 2018 – about 92.3 million euros).

The group casino offers about 80 game tables and 900 slot machines. Casino, which manages westspiel group in duisburg, is currently the most successful casino in germany in terms of the number of visits and the games. In january 2020, the institute faz called westspiel group the most promising company in the casino industry in germany.

The westspiel group owns an exceptional monopoly on a casino in the north rhine-westphalia, the most economicly strong and most densely populated federal land of germany.

Compared to other european countries, the federal earth north rhine-westpharalia enters the six economically strongest countries, even ahead of belgium, poland and sweden.

The position of the group on impressive market was long-term provided with a changed spielbg nrw and an exclusive 15-year consession. Indition, the new spielbg nrw law fundamentally allows the future owner to open two more casinos in the north reine westphalia with attractive service areas each. The presence and availability of a casino in the land of north rhine-westphalia is still relatively low for 18 million inhabitants of the federal earth compared to other federal lands. Thus, the westspiel group of offers considerable potential for further successful growth.

The decision on what form is previously unregulated and, theraefore, illegal games in the online casino will develop on the basis of the state gambling treaty of 2021, has not yet been accepted. In accordance with the structure in accordance with the state legislation, westspiel group may be able to get a concesion for gambling in online casinos, which, however, are not regulated today.

Source: edition european gaming

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