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August 24, 2022
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Development of successful slot

Network gambling market continues to grow. While another business suffered from covid-19, online casinos fixed the increase in profits. Pandemic only partially contributed to this success, because the market gradually increased the last 10 years. From 2009 to 2020, the volume of gambling business rose 2.5 times.

What factors contributed to this:

  • Development of new technologies.
  • Optimization of operating expenses.
  • Increase audience.
  • New marketing tools.
  • Increase the range of services.
Yearbot of the market, billion dollars.

Money – the main impetus for the developer of slots. There are more than 120 providers on the market, but thanks to active growth, everyone finds a place under the sun. Experienced companies have long established the process of creating games, and newcomers do not have anything to leap anything from competitors.

"It is always requirements and make sure that the user is not a minor and lives in a country where online casino games are not prohibited," expert from playtech.

Creating an idea

Development starts at all with programmers – the idea appears first. To make sure the success of the concept, conduct research, market analysis and planning. In the well-established process, the intelligent map is most often used:

  1. Created a central concept – theme of the slot that will serve as the starting point.
  2. Functions and features are considered – at the discussion stage determine the number of drums, lines for payments, bonus rounds at a potential game.
  3. Technology implementation occurs – creating slots for new platforms allows you to expand the audience. Recently, providers develop a vr direction.

The system approach allows you to configure the conveyor for the production of slots. But he sometimes gives a failure – the difference between the new and previous games for souch a noticeable for beginners.

Roger rategever, the former general director of microgaming, at one time told how in the company organized a brainstorming. Twice a year, the provider holds the idea factory competition among employees – participants receive a generous reward for interesting ideas. Even a manager who has not previously been developing slots may participate.

Market research

After selecting ideas, they are checked for potential success. To analyze the market, use several tools:

  • Questback. He tracks players and helps determine current trends. Information is collected not only through the casino, but also social networks.
  • Loop11. Usability testing system. With it, it is estiated by the convenience of the interface. You can test a new page or any site, such as a competitor.
  • Social mention. The tool is designed to track trends. With it, they discused on facebook or youtube.
  • Freelunch. It is intended for collecting financial, economic and statistical data. Dozens of thousands of open sources are used for this. Using freelunch determine the cost of the development of the game.
  • Surveymonkey. Poll tools. They help to know how much a potential slot is interesting to the target audience.

The cost of development begins from $ 3,000, but large providers spend ten times more for market research and staff

Creating a prototype

Making advantage of the expediency of ideas, it is conveyed to the development. To create a working prototype use the following tools:

  • Framer. Soft suits ordinary users who do not understand programming.
  • Marvel. Animation tool. It supports jpg, gif, psd formats and allows you to upload images from different storage facilities, such as google drive.
  • Invision. This is a marvel alternative. The program is useful for those who work who photoshop.
  • Proto.Io. The tool is designed to create a gaming interface prototypes. Programming skills are not required. They enjoy gameridizers and ux specialists.
  • Unity. Popular engine for creating slots, mobile applications and computer games.

Writing code

To create a full-fledged game, do not do worthout knowledge of programming languages. The following tools are most often used here:

  • Html5. Based on this language, about 70% of slots.
  • Angular. Open source platform for creating single-page applications.
  • Node js. Server part that is responsible for calculations, functions and t.D.
  • Vert.X. Alternative to node js.
  • Vue js. Another platform for creating single-page applications with support for multiple functions.
  • Mongobd. Database for collecting and processing information rates in online games. The information received is used to further support the machine and create new slots.


The final code consists of hundreds of lines in which errors are hidden. Bugs are unlikely to give pleasure to players, so most of them eliminate to official launch. To polish the slot, it is carried out through several stages of testing:

  • Combinatorial. Multiple launch of a slot machine with different settings. The tester establishes a different number of lines for payments, changes the amount of the bet and t.D.
  • Functional. Checking payment gateways and compliance specifications.
  • Crossplatform. Run a slot on different devices with excellent configurations.
  • Regression. Re-launching the machine after error correction. Testers have to re-conduct three previous stages.
  • Load. Inspection of infrastructure and performance while starting with hundreds of devices.
  • Game. Final assessment and analysis of the first impressions. Sometimes a slot is given on beta test focus group.

New slots are started with pc and mobile devices

"The ducation of the development process differs from the game to the game. To create a simple, but exciting slot takes only a few months, and for a soft launch of a huge project with various complex functions, up to 2 years and a large team of people may be required, "alexey isaev, senior technical manager of innovecs.

This path passes almost every slot machine from the moment of the origin of the idea to the final release.

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