Belarus Launched The First Interactive Instant Lottery

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February 3, 2022
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In the summer of 2018, president of belarus alexander lukashenko legalized online gambling. Today it became known that the company «belorussian lottery» launched the first instant online lottery in the state.

BELARUS Launched The First Interactive Instant Lottery

New instant lottery «belbat» (belbet) available on three software platforms – ios, android and web. Currently it offers 5 interactive types of games («keno», «heads or tails», «lotto 5/35», «mig luck» and «darts»). According to the organizers, in the future the list of lottery games will expand.

Lottery «belbet» consists of a series, featuring the type of game and the cost of a lottery bet. The prize fund of each lottery series ranges from 45 to 95% of the total rates of this lottery series. For those who are not ready to make rates with real money, demo version available in each form of games.

For the convenience of players, rates are accepted by emails on cashless payments directly on the lottery site or through a mobile application (including instant account replenishment using visa, mastercard cards, «belkart»), and you can remove funds from the game account with the same method that wassed for enrollent. Winning for the amount of more than 100 basic values ​​are issued in the personal appeal of the winner in the office of the organizersers. The prize fund does not have tax. The transparency of the drawing is guaranteed by the republican unitary enterprise «belorussian lottery», and to provide players supported 24-hour infocenter.

Rup «belorussian lottery» – leading lottery organizer in belarus. The company was established in september 1999, founder – office of the office of the republic of belarus. Funds from lotteries are sent to charitable shares, as well as in republican and local budgets to finance significant social programs.

«The main purpose of the lottery “belbet” is to obtain additional funds for the development of the material and technical base of state environmental institutions and located on their territory of sanatorium and health organizations», – company press service reported.

Recall that from april online-casino will begin on the territory of belarus.

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