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May 12, 2022
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March 28, the belarusian casino m1, launched in 2018, celebrates biennium. In honor of this, a large-scale show program is planned in the institution.

Belarusian casino M1 - 2 years!

The beginning of the celebration is announced at 21:00. Entrance and treats – free. A few artists will delight guests this time: ex-soloist group «viagra» albina dzhanabaeva, string shaw verona, moscow show girls and erosow bogema, as well as alena kornev, group «trend», jazz-live and band «party».

From the day of its opening casino m1 is a popular object for rest not only among residents of nearby cities in belarus – it also enjoys high demand among russians, in particular, muscovites for which it is the nearest gambling center.

To popularize m1, its owners at the start of the project launched advertising on russian tv and radio. This and other methods of attraction can be found in our exclusive interview with the casino governor. However, it still remains popular thanks to saturated show programs that pass on the object every weekend.

So, on march 8, the plazma group will perform on stage m1, and quite recently, a star of the domestic pop of kai metov and t. D.

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