Belarusian From Poland Won On A Major Poker Series In Australia

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April 29, 2022
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Dmitry urbanovich, a famous card player from poland, spoke in one of the poker tournaments of the aussie millions melburn series, thereby paving the new path to the championship.

Belarusian from Poland won on a major poker series in Australia

The new year began to pokerist with a loud victory in the famous aussie millions series (horse event), held in melbourne.

Buy-in tournament amounted to $ 2500, among the participants were marked by professional players, six of which got to the prize zone. The confrontation has led to the conclusion of an argement in the hedz-apiest with cherister from france named julien sitbon. Dmitry himself received a prize ring and $ 20 thousand. Sharing his impressions, the winner said that he was very pleased with his result in the tournament of the local series and his favorite city was melbourne.

It is also known that the player in the past has already occupied the second and third places on aussie millions. Dmitry himself clarified that he intends to go to new heights and theraefore will continue to fight in this series, the date of the end of which is named january 24.

Together with this winning, the total amount of funds earned by dmitry in living tournaments by 24 years reaching $ 6 million. Thanks to this result, the polish belorus fell into the category of the best polish poker players and was rightfully included in the world top 200. The first major victories of dmitry won at the age of 18, then he received the title wsoop and scoop. The first result in living tournaments was received on ept malta 2015.

Recall, poker match conducted a share whose prize pool was 100 million hryvnia.

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