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February 3, 2022
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Kansspelcommissie Has Concluded An Agreement With Pro League

Kansspelcommissie’s gambling commission, kansspelcommissie signed an agreement with jupiler pro league, the highest football division of the country, according to which a number of guidelines for responsible advertising will be introduced, including a ban on partnership with operators who do not have licenses to the commission.

A new framework agreement clarifies cooperation between professional football clubs and licensed gambling operators and reminds clubs on their responsibility to society. The focus is on the protection of consumers / players and continuous monitoring of this agreement by all parties. This proactive policy can be a source of inspiration for other professional sports in our country.

The game commission and the professional league want to go further what is confcial by law. For example, a lot of effort is inserted into the idea of ​​"responsible game", since participation in gambling is associated with risk. The data from the hotline sos games is also included in each marketing or communication message. Activation of the so-called "call to action", and advertising rates at certain stages of the match is prohibited. Clear guidelines ("guidelines for responsible marketing") were developed for club marketing and communications departments.

The league and the commission did not publish a complete leadership, butted that operators should not include in their messages. "Advertising rates at certain stages of the match" are also not permitted, but the regulatory authority did not specify which rates it entails.

In addition, pro league will organize awareness raising seminars for pro league teams, paying special attention to young people in youth academy. Consultations will also be held with the organizations for prevention and raising awareness.

An independent committee for honesty will also be created, which will include representatives of academic and sports world. This committee will control the policies of clubs and develop recommendations for improving sports honesty.

Cooperation clubs pro league with gambling operators will be held in a rigorous framework. Obviously, clubs can only work with operators who have a license of the igor commission. Each new cooperation will be reported by the game commission. When the operator makes a violation or loses its license, the commision on gambling also reports this pro league and club for further action.

The independent committee on honesty, consisting of representatives of the academic and sports world, must control the policies of clubs. This committee will formulate recommendations that will enshrine honesty in everyday activity and rules. The working party will study whether to transform the content of the framework agreement and additional initiatives to additional rules.

Source: official site pro league

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