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April 15, 2022
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Due to the fact that on april 4, 2019, the belgian government amended the law on gambling dated may 7, 1999, a number of changes were approved in the online gambling industry.

Belgium Made Changes To The Law On Gambling

So, the size of the maximum deposit made by the players once a week cannot exceed €500, the size of the maximum deposit per month – €2000. Increased limits after checking in the national bank. In the event that the player is not registered as a non-payer, the casino has the right to increase the maximum deposit. Such an innovation does not make it possible to predict the further behavior of the players. Nothing prevents the client of the gambling establishment to create an account in several online casinos, as the limit is set separately for each gambling site, and not for everyone at once.

From june 1, casino can offer a maximum welcome bonus in the amount of €275, which reduces the likelihood of big rates from the players. Also from the beginning of the summer the ability to use a credit card in gambling institutions. The belgian igor commission class a +, b + and f1 + should a +, b + and f1 + shold abandon any interference in electronic payment systems if thein credit card for subsequent rates.

In belgium, it is now impossible to bet on virtual sports. Also in a short time, rates on sports games will be prohibited with the participation of minor players. Restrictions will also include rates on certain types of matches statistics and events due to the fact that players on the field can easily manipulate this statistic, butout deliberate loss.

CashBacks, As Well As Their Advertising Will Be Eliminated

Cacheki, as well as their advertising will be eliminated. Casino can still offer welcome bonuses and free spins, but the will have to be limited to advertising only on their own resources. It will have a strong impact on the affiliate market, as most of the belgian partner sites will delete all mention of such promotions.

Each advertising online games will appear text «gamble in moderation» («gok met mate»). Each advertising unit will now post only one advertising of gambling, which cannot be transmitted after 20:00 and during major sporting events. Perhaps this will lead to a rise in price to a rise in price to bengian market.

Recall, the number of gembling licenses in ukraine will be limited that it is unprofitable for foreign investors.

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