Belgium – Russia: The Difference In The Class Led To The Defeat Of The Russians, Jüb Did Not Save

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February 7, 2022
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Yesterday, march 21, the russian national team debuted in qualifying matches to the european championship. Resolve the bronze medalists of the world cup – team belgium. True, the real confrontation in the case of the fans did not see.

Belgium - Russia: The difference in the class led to the defeat of the Russians, Jüb did not save
Content: 1. Cherchesov did not surprise, including martinenes2. Unpleasant incident with head removal

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Cherchesov did not surprise, including martinez

The big problem of fans – they live by fair victories. So now the fans of the russian national team are waiting for the fight against belgium, and in the mind they keep the heroic struggle against spain and croatia at the 2018 world cup. At the same time, the fans completely produce crushed defeat from uruguay on the mundala and a single match against sweden in the league of nations.

Speech by russians at the world cup – this is a saga about heroism and the game until the last second on the head and emotions. Every time you can not play the team elementary. After such perfons, jüb does not come to themselves for several months. Therefore, the hopes before the game with belgium, of course, were inspired by the halo of memories, but there was practically no chance of cherchesov’s wards. And this is despite the fact that in the composition of the belgians there were no de brown and lukaki.

Stanislav salamovich did not surprise tactically, going into the already familiar defensive 5–4–1 with artem jube on the edge. So, everything is simple: deeply sit and hope for a counterattack. True, it it worth noting that periodically russian players included active pressure, but it did not work objectively, except for the moment with the error of the round.

Belgians at the expense of individual skills came out from under pressure and easily enjoyed formed empty space. As a result, buthuaiai as as second minute went out one on one with guillermo, but could not replay a naturalized brazilian. But literally after 10 minutes, the tall pressing again played not in hand to guests, and «red devils» showed the perfect rapid attack that ended with tilemans – 10.

And after three minutes, pressing finally worked, however, in this episode, it is necessary not only to praise artem juba and denis cryshev, but also to scold. At such moments you understand why the goalkeeper loses its place at the base «real». Belgian naturally kneaded with the ball and could not decide for too long, who to give the transmission. Further forward «zenita» pushed him by the corps and voila, – go cholsheva – eleven.

Denis increased markedly lately and in the club, regularly benefiting his «valencia». In detail how cryshev helped pass the spanish team in the 1/8 finals, – in separate material.

After another 10 minutes, the injury was injured by kuzyaev, and stanislav cherchesov was forced to spend early replacement. So the field appeared anton miranschuk. And in the end of the first half, individual skills again led to a goal: eden azar earned a penalty that he himself implemented, – 2: 1.

In the second half, nothing has changed, unwess the belgians practically did not include their real speeds. In turn, cherchesov tried to revive the game and even go to two attackers, at first i released chalov instead of cherkey and after – smolov instead of juba. But it has not changed significantly. And on the 88th minute, eden azar issued a double, taking advantage of another mistake in defense, – 3: 1. This account lasted to the final whistle.

Unpleasant incident with head removal

At the very end of the meeting, there was an unpleasant and unnecessary incident to the team, which provoked the belgian player – mertsers. Member «napoli» intentionally hit the legs of alexander golovina than threw a counterattack. Russian, in turn, could not immediately take this incident and dismissed the foot.

Initially, the referee gave a yellow card only an attacker «red devils», but, having listened to the assistant tip, issued «mustard plaster» and the russian midfielder who became the second for him in this game. Fulbeck’s removal means that he will miss the fallowing game against kazakhstan. And what do you think: deemed the removal of the head? And how do you feel about this kind of provocations? Write about it in the comments.

Summing up, it impossible to say that the russian national team loked like an absolute losezer. There was a desire and desire, pleased the pressing players throughout the match. But, besides this, frankly speaking, nothing was. Only four strikes per game, of which two – in the target, against fifteen at the owners. And in addition to the stupid mistakes of kurt, to create a danger from russians did not come.

Ahead «people’s team» expects a game against kazakhstan wards are obliged to take victory. But, judging by the fact that the neighbors won at the scots with a score of 3: 0, there is no easier walk worth.

Match overview belgium – russia

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