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February 1, 2022
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The Chamber of Representatives of Berlin Will Consider The Signing Of The State Gambling Treaty

The minister of internal affairs of the capital of germany berlin andreas heizel instructe to make a bill on ratification of the fourth state treaty of gambling countries, glücksspielneurtrag (glüneurstv). The version of the state treaty must be adopted by the state of state representatives (abgeordnetenhaus) for its ratification.  The contract must also be signed by mayor michael muller so that it enters into force. In september, heizel instructed muller to sign a contract.

In total, 13 out of 16 lands shold take the law so that it enters into force. However, the lands have already established a transitional mode in which operators will be allowed to offer online rates for sports, poker and slot machines in accordance with the terms of the new agreement until it becomes the law.

In accordance with the agreement and transition period, the operators must establish a restriction of 1 euros for the spin for rates for slot machines, as well as restictions on wagering during the game.

In addition, all players will apply the limit of expenses in the amount of 1000 euros, but a small number of users will be able to apply for an increase in this limit to 10,000 or 30,000 euros. These players must pass a reinforced discrepancy check.

The agreement has already ratified the ministers-presidents 16 federal lands. Chapters have already approved the bill in march of this year.

October 9, within the frameement of the third state agreement began issuing licenses for sports rates. To date, 15 licenses issued, four of them – only on gvc.

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