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August 18, 2022
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So decided 270 thousand russians and guests of the country: they went to celebrate new year and christmas to the famous black sea resort. Dmitry anfinogen shared this information at the annual economic conference of the gaidarov forum – executive director airis. All gambling areas of russia in one review.


The head of the association and sports and entertainment activities, as it is in the press release, announced the further development of investment programs to the sochi tourist cluster, including in the gambling zone «krasnaya polyana». According to him, the resort is popularly due to its diversity – a unique combination of natural conditions and recreation formats: guests can enjoy winter mountain sports and sea air, and beach holidays and casino entertainment «red polyana». For this, in sochi there are all the possibilities and the relevant infrastructure.

However, investors seek to expand the geography of investments in the recreation industry, tourism and entertainment. In the sphere of their interests there are tourist clusters with gambling zones in the kaliningrad region and primorye. As pactice shows, the emphasive development of the association emphasized, the development of the tourist destination gives a growth impulse to other sectors of the economy. Indition to recreation, according to anfinogen, such zones can be used in business purposes – for major corporate events with the ability to supplement them with a diverse rest.

In the fact the development of the sochai brand occurs against the background of changes in connection with the pandemic. «We do not intend to abandon our plans», – notic dmitry anfinogen, speaking about the prospects for attracting tourists from russia and foreign guests.

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