Bet On Online Betting: As The Legalization Of Bets On The Internet Will Change The Bookmaker Industry

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January 6, 2022
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From mid-2009 and up to today, bookmakers and totals remain the only type of gambling establishments that preserve their legitimacy throughout the russian federation.

Bet On Online Betting: AS The Legalization of Bets on the Internet Will Change the Bookmaker Industry

At the moment, russia has about 6 thousand bookmakers operating offline, and the volume of betting market reaches 1 billion. Doll. In parallel, there are virtual points of receiving rates, but while the legal field. In the main reception of rates on the internet, foreign companies are engaged in the internet, the activities of which are not regulated by russian legislation by russian legislation. But it is said that this year the situation may change in the root, since legal russian bookmakers were allowed to accept interactive rates. The point is left for semall: to create a center for their accounting, through which company will start working in the internet space.

Outside azart

Bookmakers in russia is in «special» situation because in 2006 gambling activities in the country was literally reduced to no, but for bookmakers made an exception. So, in fact, since 2009, the rates became the only legitimate type of gambling in russia, while casinos and other entertainment were allowed in specially designated places for this – gambling zones.

This approach to this type of business is explained by the nuances inherent in the nuances: the bookmaker’s customers have fundamental differences from ordinary visitors to gambling houses – in the game, theer primarily guided by their own knowledge than luck.

But the bookmaker industry was accompanied by a number of significant tighteners. For example, entrepreneurs had to go through the licensing procedure that puts forward new equipment requirements and a device.

After the so-called filtration, not all bc survived. This can be judged by the numbers: the volume of the sectoral market in 2008 was about 2 billion. Doll., in 2010 – already 400 million. Doll.

Subsequently, a number of high demands were also taken, in particular financial and tax.

All this time, the authorities fought who did not meet the adopted standarts.

Internet connection

In the summer of 2014, the president of the russian federation signed a law, which obliges bookmakers to become members of self-regulatory organizations (sro). From this point on, according to many specialized experts, the domestic market of rates has become more ordered and structured.

Sro work in many directions, including they establish a dialogue between state structures and public organizations. But still of the russian association of bookmakers nikolai oganezov, while nikolai oganezov, while would stability and settlement, as many market participants would like.

One of the most vital issues for bookmakers – legalization of the activities of the bc on the internet. So, the law already has a concept «interactive rate», but the legitimate force of the bet over the internet has not yet received. Such a legal vacuum formed. Now the bookmaker industry in the literal sense of the word froze in anticipation of changes.

According to crisis rates

According to the federal tax service, for january of the current year, about 5.5 thouusand registered in the russian federation. Pps, the fifth of which is located in the capital and region. In 2012, the active growth of bookmakers was noticed, and theraefore number of items increased. Positive dynamics traced in 2013.

But in the 2014th market a little «frost» – grew by only 7%, which in dollar equivalent was approximately 0.Nine–1 billion. Such a decline was largely caused by the devaluation of the ruble.

As for the online market, the situation here is even more ambiguous: it exists and quite comparable to the offline, but there are well-known foreign companies and structures on it, which are operated from offshore jurisdictions under.

Participants in the russian bookmaker market noted than foreign bookmakers, taking rates from users from the russian federation, take almost half of the country’s online market. The situation is unable to change even periodic attempts to block these online resources.

So why not change this situation, legalizing the virtual points of receiving rates?

Disagree with the fact that the domestic rates industry carries a huge potential in itself, it is impossible. Theraefore, it remains only with trembling to keep track of any shifts and changes.

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