Betconstruct Uses Mocap Xsens Technology For Virtual Sports

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March 3, 2022
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Betconstruct Uses Mocap Xsens Technology for Virtual Sports

Everyone knows that restrictions due to the pandemic led to the cancellation or transfer of many sporting events. For this reason, virtual sport has gained increasingly growing popularity. And their realism was the key to the product success formula.

Working in this direction, betconstruct supports the development of its software with the technology of capturing the movement provided by xsens, an innovator in the field of three-dimensional tracking of motion. Complicated company allows you to fix every person move to create smooth character animation. Some xsens work can be seen in hollywood blockbusters. Inspirated by such visual effects of betconstruct applies technology to develop super-automatic virtual sports.

Arman khachatryan, virtual sports product developer in betconstruct, noted:

"We all know that creation of high-quality virtual sports requires a lot of time and energy from any software provider, since the development process is more expensive and more complicated more thanm times. However quickly as possible.

Using xsens mvn animate motion capture system, the entire body movement capture system, betconstruct not only can provide the highest level of realism of human movements related to sports, but also offer its own operators to the individual development of virtual sports events in the shortest possible time.

Source: betconstruct official website

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