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September 29, 2022
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Betfred launched spotlight sports group content for real-time rates on its website and in a mobile application. This will allow you to receive current statistics, suggestions and analysis of rates, fresh tips throughout the match.

This is handwritten content for 90 leagues in more than 60 languages. Managed artificial intelligence service, spotlight sports group interactive content uses a combination of editor experts, historical data on matches and current field events to generate context-relevant data for rates.

Betfreds partnership with spotlight sports group continues to develop, offering content for racing, sports and football.

Discussing the launch of a new service spotlight sports group, a customer service director, darren hale said:

"Football rates in the game process over the past ten years have grown in geometric progression and have become a critical market. Our interactive content service is perfectly combined with a new product spotlight sports, since there is no other such that can offer expert information about real-time rates in any language.

Stewart grant, product manager digital sportsbook in betfred, said:

"We always firmly believed that content on the site is one of the key ways to attract attention and improve the quality of customer service. Cooperating with spotlight sports group for many years, we have added materials about racing post and racing post sport. The new product is not similar to anything else on the market. ".

Source: official site spotlight sports group

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