Betting Activity Burst Is Fear In New Jersey

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January 20, 2022
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Is expected that the super cup, which will take place on february 3, will provoke a burst of betting activity in new jersey.

Betting Activity Burst IS Fear In New Jersey

«This year, we are particularly concerned that after the legalization of bets on the sport, even those american who never took part in gambling may want to join and put on the game super cup», – prior, executive director of the new jersey gambling council.

According to her, last year the game was illegally delivered to $ 4.7 billion. How much will be delivered in the state after the legalization of sports betting is unknown, however praior believees that the indicator will increase.

The representative of the department states that sports betting for many is just part of sports entertainment, fun, the possibility to experience excitement. However, the gambling dependence side: the gambling dependence side: the gambling dependence is destructive, bringing a disorder in the family. Therefore, the council is concerned that due to legalization, the number of people suffering from gambling addiction will increase.

In addition, modern technologies made rates on the sport are extremely available and diverse. Availability of online bets, according to pryor, generates new problems.

«That is why we have such a high level of problem players in the state, we have more than 6% of people suffering from ludomania within new jersey», – praior said.

However, she assured that the council applies to gambling is neutral, trying not to encourage citizens’ weakness and not exacerbate the situation.

Praiore reminded the existence of a hotline for people with gambling addiction and noted that the number of calls after the legalization of sports betting in new jersey increased by 20%.

Recall that the gambling regulator of new jersey (njdge) has intensified its efforts to combat the activities of illegal gambling operators in the state, warning the company about the consequences of the commission of unlicensed operations.

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