Betting Expert Appreciated The Legalization Of Gembling

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April 19, 2022
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Operating director favorit sport alexander blokhin told why the introduction of gambling in the legal field is beneficial to ukraine, and warned about what, at first glance, invisible barriers can interfere.

Betting Expert AppReciated The Legalization of Gembling

Experts of the company in which alexander blokhin operates, participated in the working meetings aimed at developing the draft law. Alexander himself believees that market representatives, like the market itself as a whole, should not establish the sector. However.

By clarifying alexander, with the onset of 2014, the company ceased its activities in russia, even despite the losses that followed. At the moment, the draft law includes specific norms that will not alloow the maket of english companies to the market of gambling of ukraine. Also, the project includes the norm, according to which company in offshores are not provided by the license. The same applies to the situation when the final beneficiaries are not defined.

From the moment the law enters into force, the operators of gambling online games will have to receive the appropriate license. Licensee’s obligations include:

  • The presence of a system for identifying players and bank accounts;
  • Availability of a data center or server equipment of another species in the country.

Services without registration will be blocked. The project and the conditions for obtaining a legalization license were generally developed on the basis of europe’s experience.

Services without Registration Will Be Blocked

Gambling are an innovative area, and their promotion will give impetus for the development of it-sphere, cybersport, services. It is also planned to form the target fund, which will be replenished at the expense of licensees. As a result, thanks to the fund will be invested social, cultural and sports projects.

According to alexander, some share of negativity aimed at gambling and betting industry was created artificially. At the moment, the company has cooperation with charitable funds, adheres to the rules of the responsible game, regularly pays taxes and fallows the behavior of the players.

In general, as a result of payment of taxes and sales of licenses in the country’s budget, sevel billion hryvnia will come. However, the exact amount is difficult due to the lack of a certiain principle of issuing licenses. It it also expected that the trust fund, in turn, will be replenished by several million hryvnia. Among the indirect benefits of the state, alexander noted the following points:

  • Creating new jobs;
  • Import and export activities;
  • Development of specialized equipment;
  • Increase the flow of guests from other countries.

Recall, earlier boris kushniruk expressed an opinion on the issue of operational legalization.

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